Samsung Gallery’s new video player is bad: Don’t worry, here’s how to use the old

The Samsung Gallery app has been in development for some time on Android phones, adding new features that make the app better and more efficient, at least in their opinion. One of the unpopular changes is the new video player.

Source: SmartLife / Uroš Arsić

While some changes have meaning and results User comments indicating Possible problems I improvements That can be presented, no one thought much when he changed Video player in Samsung Gallery. These changes included most of the newer phones of the Galaxy S and Note 10 series, which received updates, all the way to the new premium and A series models such as A52 i A 72.

Why change something that works well with something that works badly?

The previous video player worked so that when you click on a video in the gallery, it opens and you get The line at the bottom of the screen, as in most players, you can use that Skip some parts Which you don’t regret seeing, or yes Just speed up the video. Swipe across the screen You can left or right Fine for skipping portions, such as double-clicking on the YouTube player, Share the image on the external screenPlay the recording in the form of a small window, through other applications and much more.

Now when you click on the video in the gallery it opens a version Video preview, to Very limited options. one of them yes Turn on / off the sound, and to be able to fast forward left and right, you must Click on the video thumbnail At the bottom of the screen, when she said Expand to a series of thumbnails, where you can have more control over the video by swiping. Thumbnails are still small at the bottom of the screen, and continue to the next video or photo, separated by a barely visible black line, so you often move to the next video instead of rewind, after which you have to start all over again. Swiping on the screen will take you to the next video or photo in the gallery. Just, You have unnecessarily limited options On one of the options you use often.

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Do not give up

If you also own a Samsung phone You may have found yourself in awe for the first time since the updateI think there is something wrong with the video player. But do not worry , The old video player is still there, but it takes more 2 more clicks. when you are in ShowroomsThat’s enough Press three dots at the bottom or top of the screen (depending on screen orientation) and select an option Open in video player. you will see it Unlock in the old player, where you can usually watch, skip and do whatever you can do until recently right from the gallery. The solution isn’t the most elegant and can’t be set to open the old video player system-wide, but it does work. After all, instead of getting upset about how to use a good old video player, now you know and can focus on more important things, like how Create professional videos with your phone.

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If you can’t handle it, here is a video and gallery with the steps to use an older and better video player.

Source: SmartLife / Marko Nesovic

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