Saints 31 pirates 0 theme of the second half of the game

The saints Win the toss and delay rate. Pirates Begin at 25. Cameron Jordan Hits Tom Brady While he throws the first pass, incomplete. Bucs pushed in for 7. 3 and 3. Incomplete and the Bucs 3 go in and out.

Saints’ Ball at 35. Drew Press Checks right down to Alvin Camara To achieve a gain of 6. trees to me Michael Thomas For the 1st. Midline. trees Scramble and complete Josh Hill For the 1st. In the territory of Boss. trees To the Marquis Calaway versus 6. Hand over to Latavius ​​Murray For 2. 3rd and 3rd. Tissum Hill Passes to Jared Cook To Bucs 16. room It rushes without profit. Jason Pierre Paul Almost chooses Brees. Brees to Tre’Quan Smith in Final District. Falling Saints. Will Lutz is money. 7-0 Saints.

Pirates Start at 25. Brady deep nobody’s. Bucs spurs for 7 but is called upon to hang. 2 and 20. Bree completes 6. 3 and 14. Another 3 and goes out in defense of the saints. Box Pont.

Saints Ball at 34. Brees deep down to Harris who breaks down intrusions and hits Bucs 26. Murray Pick up 2. Trees to Thomas For 4. 3rd and 4. Brees to Murray shorter inches from 1st. 4 down. The saints go for it and pick up the first. Bruce challenges Ariane in What’s Lost Time. Tissum Hill In and rushed to 3. Bees Jared Cook Who feels it.

The pirate ball is at a 2-yard streak. Bucs dashes out for 1. Brady delves into Antonio Brown Almost intercepted. Unfinished trees. Pirates run from depths in their own area.

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Harris returns to Bucs’ 35-yard streak after slipping in at 40. room Rushes to 17. Brees to Thomas To 10. room Picks up the first down. First and goal at 8. Camara picks up 1. Bryce’s Adam Trautman To land. The plus point is good. 14-0 Saints. End of the first quarter.

The pirates start just shy of 20. Brady Scotty Miller Forced to exit, incomplete. Brady passes against 7.3 and 3. Brady goes deep to nobody again. 3 and came out. Box Pont.

Deont Harris Take him back to the midfield. Brees arrives at Kamara to lose 6. 2nd and 16th. Brees Deep into Tissum Hill For 21 yards. Tissum Hill In QB, he wants to throw but nobody is open and lunts 12. Brees must throw her away. Trees for Emmanuel Sanders To land. The plus point is good. 21-0 Saints.

The Pirates starts at 24. Brady continues Tyler Johnson for the first time. Brady is a path chosen by him David Onimata.

Saints’ Ball in Pirates 27. Incomplete Puppetry’s Thomas. Camara rushes to time 5. 3rd and 5. Brees to Sanders It debuted at 13. Taysom in QB and extends to the 1-yard streak. The first and the goal. Camara ran to land. The plus point is good. 28-0 Saints.

The Pirates starts at 25. Brady Chris Goodwin To 45. Brady dumps off Leonard Fortnite For 7. Brady raise your hand to Fortnite Who stopped at the melee line. 3rd and 3. Supplements Brady for the first to Saints 42. Brady’s screen Fortnite For couples. Brady L. Rob Gronkowski For 2. 3rd and 6. Timeout Bucs. 5:08 to half. Brady L. Goodwin incomplete. 4 down. Bucs goes so deep incomplete.

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The Saints’ Ball at 38. Camara rushes to 11. Brees Michael Thomas To Bucs 31. Delivery to Murray 2. Brees loses to Sanders For the 1st. Unfinished trees for sanders. Check out Brees down to the couple’s Trautman. Two-minute warning. Trees for Cook Who could not hold out. Will Lutz kicks goal 36 yards. 31-0 Saints. 1:50 to half.

The Pirates begin at 25. Brady Complete’s brouwn For the 1st. Brady L. Mike Evans For the first time again. Brady throws an objection to Marcus Williams.

Saints’ Ball at 15, the worst field site for Saints tonight. Drew takes the knee. Saints get the ball to start the second half.

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