Russia renews with a comfortable victory over its neighbors Finland (0-1) | football

Miranchuk scored for Russia on the verge of the end of the first half. (Evinia Novozinina/AFP)

The after dinner party was very entertaining. With a geopolitical background—Finland gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1917 and had various disagreements throughout history—the duel between the neighbors in Saint Petersburg began with occasions for both sides.

The Vikings team was clear about their plan. Crouch waiting to strike at the right moment with Pukki and Pohjanpalo. The Union Berlin striker, on loan from Bayer Leverkusen, was the first to mark the area. Against Denmark, he managed to score with a header, but was canceled for offside.

Russia, led by Miranchuk and Golovin in attack, needed to make up for their disastrous debut against Belgium and had clear chances for Ozdoev and another from Dzyuba at the post. The Russian striker and captain caused a lot of difficulties for the Finnish line.

An injury to Brazilian-born winger Mario Fernandez has reduced his performance somewhat. He has injured several vertebrae in his spine, so he will miss the rest of the competition. The Russians did not give up and continued to insist. Thus, Miranchuk’s goal came to the brink of the first half. The Atalanta player, one of the Italian internationals in the European Cup, showed his talent for catching the ball with perfection until he fired an accurate shot.

Finland took a step forward in the second half, while Russia settled for the lead. Pukki and Pohjanpalo were seen, although the Russians starred in some negatives with danger. Hradiki has laid a wonderful hand on one of them.

With this win, Russia and Finland are tied by three points after the second day. Denmark and Belgium will meet on Thursday at 6 pm in the other match of Group B.

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Match sheet:

Finland: Hradec. Tovio (Jensen, M85), Aragorie, O’Shaughnessy; Raitala (Swere, m.75), Lod, Schuler (Kauko, m.67), Kamara, Oronen; Pohjanpalo y Pukki (Lappalainen, m.75).
Russia: Safonov. Mario Fernandez (Karafeev, 26 m), Daiveev, Gekia, Kozyaev; Zubnin, Barinov, Ozdoev (Zhemaletdinov, AD 61); Miranchuk (Mukhin, AD 85), Dzyuba (Sobolev, AD 85), Golovin.

Objectives: 0-1, m.45 + 2: Miranchuk.

Rule: Danny McKelley (Netherlands). Amonestó a Camara (AD 22), Barinov (AD 27), Ozdoev (AD 34), Jekia (AD 88), Oshogense (AD 90).

accidents: The match corresponding to the second day of Group B, which was held at Saint Petersburg Stadium, with the attendance of about 30 thousand spectators in the stands.

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