Almost half of British women do not test themselves for breast cancer | breast cancer

A survey revealed that nearly half of women do not regularly check their breasts for possible signs of breast cancer, and one in 10 never does.

Experts say that women who are not looking for changes in their breasts should get in the habit of getting them examined, as early detection of lumps and other symptoms can save their lives.

In a representative sample of 1,086 British women, 47% said they did not check their breasts regularly for any lumps or changes in their appearance, which could indicate the presence of cancer.

Breast cancer specialists said the results were a “cause of profound concern,” as most cases of the disease are identified when a woman has noticed a change and undergoes a medical examination.

Lady Delith Morgan, CEO of Breast cancer now.

When asked why they had not looked for changes, 46% of those not diagnosed with breast cancer said they had “forgotten” to do so. Others indicated embarrassment or a desire not to disturb their GP. “[That] It highlights the urgent need to engage women with the importance of regularly examining their breasts, as a procedure that could ultimately save their lives, ”Morgan added.

A mass is the most common change that may indicate cancer. But other symptoms include nipple discharge, puckering or puckering of the breast skin, the breast appearing red or inflamed, and swelling in the upper part of the chest or armpit.

Morgan reassured women that most of the changes are not evidence of breast cancer. “[However]When this is the case, a woman who notices a possible symptom and is examined by a GP are often the first steps leading to a diagnosis. Early diagnosis increases the chances of successful treatment, which can prevent women from dying from the disease, which means that the importance of regular breast examination cannot be underestimated.

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Breast, Manvit Basra, said women should make checking their breasts part of their routine, for example while bathing or when applying a moisturizer. cancer Now head of the Department of Public Health and Welfare. She added that the examination should include all the breasts, armpits, and up to the collar bone.

About 55,000 women and 370 men per year Diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK. The disease kills 11,500 women and 55 men every year.

Dr Rebecca Lewis, breast surgeon in London and secretary of the UK Medical Association, said: “The breast cancer survey now shows that 47% of women do not examine their breasts regularly is alarming, but it echoes my experience what we see in the breast clinic.

“All women should check their breasts every four to six weeks and not be anxious about what they should or should not look for. Any new change must be seen by the GP.”

Women should regularly attend mammograms to screen for abnormalities that cannot yet be felt. Early diagnosis is key to detecting breast cancers when they are small, which often means less drastic treatment potential. This can have a profound effect on our patients, their treatment and their outlook. “

Spokesperson NHS In England, she said women should always attend routine health checks and checks. “Although some people have reservations about progress during the first wave, basic cancer care has been maintained, and now the number of people receiving cancer treatment has returned to pre-pandemic levels, so our message to people is to advance care and help us help you.” .

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