Rudy Giuliani explains the suggestive inscription in the sequel to “Borat”: “I was wearing my shirt”

Cleveland, Ohio – Rudy Giuliani remains an expert in his field.

President Donald Trump’s personal attorney provided an explanation for why he was arrested in a seemingly compromising position in “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” after news of his appearance emerged on Wednesday.

Scene Setter: Sacha Baron Cohen returns as Kazakh journalist Porat Sadiyev in the sequel to the 2006 satirical film. After insulting his country in the first movie, Porat tries to compensate it by winning the Trump administration. The original plan, to hand a pet monkey over to Vice President Mike Pence, pivots, so the “super cute” reporter decided to gift his teenage daughter Totter to someone in the president’s inner circle instead.

Spoiler alert: In the landscape Many media outlets have described him, Totar, played by 24-year-old actress Maria Bacalova, impersonating a conservative TV reporter and arranging an interview with Giuliani at a hotel. They end up in a bedroom where she takes off his shirt and takes off his microphone. Then, the former New York City mayor lay on the bed and put his hand on his pants suggestively before entering Porat, in a wig and bikini, and shouting, “She’s 15, she’s too big for you!” Giuliani left after an embarrassing exchange between the three.

“Ruddy, Trump will be disappointed, you leave the hotel without a golden shower,” Porat says on his parting.

the answer: Giuliani, who described Baron Cohen deceived WABC Radio And the New York Post Back in July, it was processed again as spoilers from the movie appeared on social media after the review ban was lifted.

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“Porat’s video is a complete fabrication. I was putting on my shirt after taking off the tape recorder. At no time before, during or after the interview I was absolutely inappropriate. If Sacha Baron Cohen is indicating otherwise he is a scathing liar,” he wrote on Twitter. In fact, the New York Post reported today, “It seems to me an exaggeration through editing.” Once I realized it was a group I called the police, which was recorded in THR article July 8. “

Giuliani described his appearance in the film as “an effort to mitigate my continued exposure to crime and corruption perpetrated by Joe Biden and his entire family,” referring to his role in the New York Post’s unverified report on alleged Hunter Biden emails.

Has Giuliani’s appearance been modified to indicate something more frightening than it actually happened? It’s Porat, so yes, it probably is. Is it funny anyway? On Friday, you can decide when “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” will arrive on Amazon Prime Video.

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