Roca and Levi open ski season in Finland – News

In Finland they really ski. With limited supply and ice stored for months under a tarp. Ski resorts at Roca and Levi Already underway. The first of them already announced weeks ago that their intention was to do so October 2. The other registered at the last minute.

Tracks are opened there thanks Accumulated snow From the previous winter. They put them under fabrics in huge cabinets strewn around the paths they wanted to open. As soon as summer passes and autumn arrives, it is revealed and machines begin to spread it along the selected paths. A legacy technology that has been adapted in recent years for ski resorts that barely lose 10 to 15% of what was saved at the end of spring.

In FinlandFive stops Skiing actually uses this technique known as snow cultivation. After Ruka and Levi, Suomu Kemijärvi will open on November 1 with snow preservation, and later in November Ounasvaara in Rovaniemi and Laajis in Jyväskylä.

It also opened in Levi 01 kilometers from cross-country rinkIt is a national sport among the Scandinavian countries, with many indoor facilities for year-round training. They were built in old tunnels dug into the mountain. Some of them were used to store materials and vehicles during World War II. Opening this path to the outdoors allows training in more natural conditions.

This way in Levi they want to carry Also seasonally adjusted in the fall. If in summer they can offer hiking and mountain biking, and in winter skiing, now they can offer everything at the same time, including golf. A tourist who arrives at the station on one of the weekends in October will be able to ski first thing in the morning, and then, with fairly pleasant temperatures, press the pedals.

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Regarding the way this season will go, they don’t expect to break any records, but they are hopeful that the pandemic storm will be reasonably weathered. On Ruka, for example, they assure that more than 70% of their visitors are present National skaters Arrival by car.

There are no major security measures in place to avoid contagion, in line with what we’re seeing in most of these countries. Thus, the Online store Of passes, but you won’t have to travel with them face mask On the cable car as it does not last more than 15 minutes. In Finland, it is believed that there may be a risk of transmission when a place is shared with someone for more than 15 minutes. These elevators will also be able to operate at full capacity.

It has not been resolved whether or not the Alpine Ski World Cup will take place In Levi at 21-22. November. The International Skating Federation’s decision is due to be issued next Friday, October 9th.

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