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A bird’s egg rolls in the den of the mice family. When it breaks, it comes out “Robin” He is welcomed and excited – how could you not think about him seagull and cat But Patty knows very well that she is not a mouse–convinced that she is also a mouse; From here it starts A sweet and tender love story, that of Protagonist (Bronte Carmichael) And his family of mice. Never like this Robin’s name is Patty, medium-length animated film in . format stop motion by ardman (Wallace E. GromitAnd runaway chickenAnd down the tube NS Sean, the life of the sheep), from Daniel Ojari e Michael please, in the catalog dated Netflix dal 24 November 2021. Then it also becomes a path for Building one’s identity, realizing what one is. Guided by their love Daddy Mouse (Adil Akhtar), the family enters people’s homes, masters the art of stealing crumbs, and small things. During one of these strikes, Patty drops a spoon, precisely because the art of stealing is not congenital, and the team is discovered. at this point She starts to realize that she is different from others but it’s not always easySo she tests herself with an ever bigger and more ambitious plan to show her family that she is just like them.

Robin’s name is PattyTo be a mouse or not to be

Robin's name is

baby mouse: “Wonderful”

baby mouse: “It’s a funny thing”

baby mouse: “Is it edible?”

Dad’s mouse: “No, it’s a little bird, I think it’s Robin”

Just as when a family takes care of someone who is not a part of it biologically, they open up about it, and perhaps consider it more of one of them, but of course, there are differences. Patty immediately proves that she is impolite, when she must whisper so as not to be heard screaming, and when she must walk slowly and without tripping anywhere she is in a hurry, excited and stumbling everywhere. She doesn’t really have the touch of her father nor the touch of her brothers, she struggles with herself, she asks herself, she wants at all costs to be a mouse – How can she not think of the delicious ears of the mouse she “built” with her feathers – and will do anything to find in herself the same abilities as you find in those who raised them. To prove it, for herself more than others – she cannot forget that because of her he did not eat her little brothers and her father – she decided to steal a whole sandwich, or a giant crumb of bread, she wants to prove that she is worthy to be a mouse; Also in this case, as in the cartoons in which the journeys of human heroines and heroes are told, here too the hero makes her journey grow up: she enters a house alone because she wants to “steal” in an attempt to apply that of her teacher.

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Central to this journey is the encounter with the Other, particularly with the Magpie, the Magpie (played by Richard E. Grant), This puts her in front of her true nature, she learns from him the skills of birds (flying) that no one can teach her, and begins to discover herself for real. Magpies define them for the fun of things they decorate the house with – a scene reminiscent of that of many other cartoons, Ariel’s group, Wally’s group – identifies them with Christmas, the pointed star with which they decorate the trees and this helps humans get what they want.

Patty also meets the enemy, the classic antagonist who encourages her to improve, and outdo herself, in this case the feline villain played by Gillian Anderson, the cat being the general enemy of both mice and birds, so the protagonist in the lead is pretty bad to the ninth degree. In one of their meetings

cat: “You’ll never be a real mouse, you know that?! You’re weird, you’re geek. You’re ugly […]. A rat with a bird’s beak, I’ve never met such a strange bird before”

The cat’s speech shocks her, makes her suffer, loves her family, and for a long time “retained” her nature, perhaps unconsciously from her – the magpie asks her why she cannot fly. However, Patty will understand that you have to be yourself, and you have to accept yourself. scoversIndeed, along the journey, To be a great robin, To know how to gurgle, gracefully flapping its wings, Just as he realizes be a bad mouse, and when he is aware of it he can use this too if needed.

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Robin’s name is PattyBeautiful self discovery

Robin's name is

Robin’s name is Patty It is made with stop-motion technology, a complex technique that requires a lot of time and patience, and here it reaches its maximum expression. In this case, Aardman, as usual, worked not with plasticine, but with needle felt. The The medium movie’s strong message comes loud and clear And he manages to do this thanks to the great work done and the attention to every little detail, Thanks to the technology used that gives the feeling that you are in front of something very human and very classic: Choosing a Christmas Place, Studio Bristol’s Animation Approach, Associated with Craftsmanship, to the Traditional Techniques of the Expressive Medium.

Between a song and a play of color, between an escape in the snow in search of oneself and a journey into the self Robin’s name is Patty It’s a sweet and subtle story that tenderly shows how beautiful it is to grow up and discover yourself: Be the worst mouse in the world, or just a robin, or they might be together. Patty is great as is, without too many definitions and without too many labels. Still part of a family of mice, Patty is cuddly and adorable for what she is, which is the important thing.

A gentle song that makes you at peace with the world

Robin’s name is Patty And Touching and honest story restore peace with the world, It’s a love song, targets both the youngest and the oldest, reminding us how beautiful the exclusivity is and how much, where there is love, there are no differences, but rather added values.

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