Roberto Merhi ’emigra’ a Australia para las Tasman S5000 Series

Roberto Merhi will be embarking on a new adventure as a pilot this weekend. You will do this in Antipodes. Team BRM has announced Roberto and Japanese Yoshiaki Katayama to compete in the S5000 Tasman Series.

The success of the S5000 in Australia led to the revival of the Tasman series. In its day, this class was close to Formula 1 and was popular in the winter for some teams – Lotus, BRM, Cooper and even Ferrari – and its best drivers – Bruce McLaren, Jackie Stewart, Jim Clark, Damon Hill, Chris Amon, etc. – They’ll go there to run it.

The cars were then replaced by Formula 5000 single-seat cars – aesthetically similar to Formula 1 cars with five-liter American V8s – before falling into oblivion; In these years Graham McCray and Verne Chopin were its greatest advocates.

“I was watching the S5000 from a distance and watched live racing when I was there for the Le Mans Asian Series race at The Bend last year, so Looking forward to making it to Sydney in the first roundRoberto Merhi, who is expected to arrive in Sydney on Wednesday morning, said local time.

The next race is at the legendary Mount Panorama in Bathurst… We have seen Bathurst 1000 many times on TV and I am convinced that driving a powerful open-wheel vehicle is like Praise / Form700 It would be very interesting to say the least.”

S5000s launched 2 years ago in Australia And the BRM team was champion this year with Joey Mawson, who is still on the team, where BRM will line up three cars.

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The cars are all the same, based on the F3 Ligier Although it is modified and equipped with a 5.2-liter Ford Coyote V8 with 560 horsepower, it is not easy to drive.

The existence of Katayama and Castellon was made possible thanks to the relaxation of anti-Covid-19 regulations and the special visa for sporting reasons.

For now, this year’s Tasman Series has been scaled back to two races, Sydney – with free practice Thursday night, practice on Friday and races on Saturday and Sunday – and Bathurst. In the former, three races, with the latter being major which will give more points, while at Mount Panorama there will be four races to be contested, within the Bathurst 1000 overall event, from November 30 to December 5.

Drivers from Queensland and New Zealand will miss the events, as strict restrictions remain.

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