Revenue of 700 million deferred

It’s a large, unfinished Italian tax system (waiting to be fixed): Web tax It was approved at the end of 2018 but after more than two years Government She had to postpone her request again, moving forward by one month both from the deadline for the first batch, which was set on February 16, and the deadline on March 31, which related to the relative announcement.

Postponement, unlike other measures of the same kind, does not depend critically on the state of health emergency, but rather is the inevitable consequence of a somewhat failed case: born out of a desire to subjugate the elusive profits of the web giants, it turns out that the tax on digital services – in the version Italian – poorly designed and difficult to implement. With the paradoxical risk of striking Italian companies that have been hit by competition from American giants.

In fact, efforts to come up with some form of taxation on these multinational corporations began even earlier. Work on the project has continued for years within the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the international organization that deals, among other things, with tax cooperation at the global level: the goal is to determine the profits that companies like GoogleAnd the The social networking site Facebook And they are still in other countries where they have no physical presence (or in any case very limited). For example, advertising revenue originates from Italian or French consumers but is managed remotely using digital tools, without the need for specific offices or organizations on the site, and thus the relevant profits cannot be taxed by the governments of those countries because they are transferred to another. Territories (the United States or for example Ireland which has benefited the European subsidiaries of these companies).

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Therefore, it will be a matter of linking these financial flows with different geographical realities in the most correct possible way. Negotiations at the OECD level are slowing down due to strong US opposition. Europe then tried to create its own taxes, but even this path is not complete at the present time, and thus some countries, including France and Italy, have moved on their own, while reserving the right to detonate the new tax once the global tax is taken.

Revenue tax

In this regard, the tax on revenue (specifically to circumvent the aforementioned node) should run to 3 percent of companies advertising 750 million globally, of which 5.5 are derived from digital services created in Italy. As for the application procedures, the Internal Revenue Department prepared a draft clause and then submitted it to a public advisory session that ended on December 31. In any case, the times for any adjustments were very tight. Among the observations received by the Internal Revenue Service, there are also those indicating that the current rules in place literally punish national companies: which, instead of helping them compete on an equal footing, could suffer from double taxation.
From web tax, country projected 708 million revenue for 2020: revenue whose collection is at least set to decrease.

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