Resignation in American football, allegations from Australia and Venezuela

The abuse scandal in the NWSL Women’s Football League had other, individual consequences. In the meantime, more and more allegations about women’s football are being made public all over the world.

Washington Spirit CEO and principal owner Steve Baldwin announced his resignation on Tuesday after he came under fire for his handling of allegations against former coach Richie Burke. Burke had been fired the previous week after investigations into allegations of harassment and a toxic work culture.

On Wednesday, the Australian Federation announced an investigation: Several former Nationals players made allegations. For example, Lisa de Vana described accidents with colleagues early in her career.

“Have I been sexually harassed? Yes. Have I been bullied? Yes. Did I see things that made me feel uncomfortable? Yes,” said the De Vana Sydney International 150 times. Daily Telegraph.

In Venezuela, 24 of the country’s best players spoke. The group surrounding the striker, Dina Castellanos, accused their former coach Kenneth Zseremita of sexual assault in a statement on social media, calling him a “monster”. She was actually a victim of abuse when she was 14 years old. “We have decided to break our silence,” the statement read.

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