SB Nation reaction: 49ers’ crowd confidence drops after loss to the Eagles

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We were headed high with 97% entering the season, but after a disappointing loss to The basics, This number has decreased to 80%. Two wins at MetLife were just banging on a wound that hadn’t healed as San Francisco dropped the ball on National TV against the Eagles. As a result, the landfill confidence survey decreased 71%. As I say that, perspective matters. The Planes Fans are polling 3%, while black 9%. At 2-2, things can be a lot worst.

There should be improvement yet DolphinsBut I’m amazed to see the poll in the next month or so, whether it’s win or lose.

The Seahawks It goes up 98%, with there Rams Behind them is 94%. Cardinals went from 81% to 32%. They have given up the season.

For the national poll questions, we asked which team was the best in the NFL, and more than 70% of fans across the league voted for Presidents of Kansas City. Seattle and Green Bay finished second and third, out of just over 10%, with Invoices It ranks fourth at around 5%.

On the other hand, the Jets received more than 70% of the votes for the worst team in NFL, followed by the team they share the field with, GiantsBy 15%. The next two teams were Texas And the Hawks.

The third national question posed whether Cam Newton He would have changed the outcome of the Monday night match between Patriots And the Heads56% of fans said no. I fear I must disagree because I have seen and seen Brian Hoyer Throw.

The Invoices And the Titans The game was moved to Tuesday due to Mike FrappelHis team doesn’t know how to follow the rules. Seriously, there should be a strict penalty for Tennessee, otherwise the other teams will follow suit. I think that Ponies And the Brown The game will be the best weekend game.

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