Reliance Jio: Great ‘Yaa’ company plan for family, you will get OTT apps subscription with 200 GB data – Reliance on jio family plan with 200 GB data and free subscription to ott apps


  • There are many benefits of Postpaid Geo Rs 999 plans.
  • 4 people from this plan can benefit from this plan.
  • The plan comes with a free subscription to OTT apps.

New Delhi: telecom company Reliance Geo It is not only offering a prepaid plan but also a prepaid plan with massive benefits to its users. Users get powerful plans at a low cost. The company has also come up with great affordable plans for the whole family. Let’s find out the best company family plan.

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What is the JioPostPaid Plus ?

With JioPostPaid Plus, you can enjoy a single postpaid plan with the whole family. Under this data can be shared with family members. In addition to that, you will also benefit from Single Bill and Single Payment. Other services in the plan can also be used together. The cost of this plan is Rs. In addition, 3 other family members can benefit from this plan.

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JioPostPaid Plus Rs 999 Plan:

there is one family plan The monthly fee is Rs. It provides a total of 200 GB of data. 10 rupees per GB will be deducted upon completion of this data. It will have the ability to migrate data up to 500 GB. Users can also include up to 3 other family members. The plan offers unlimited calls, 100 texts per day. Plus, you get a free subscription to any OTT app.

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or plan users Neighborhood Signing up for applications. Besides NetflixAnd the Amazon PrimeSubscribing to OTT apps like Disney + Hotstar VIP is also free. At Rs 999, this is a great plan for the family.

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