Rebecca Reusch skipped: Leaked USB stick with sensitive data for investigators – first details known

There is still no trace of Rebecca Reusch, and investigators can now go one step closer to solving the missing-person problem. Your sensitive data has been leaked.

Berlin – It is one of the most mysterious criminal cases in Germany, and no trace of student Rebecca Reich from Berlin has been found for more than two years. A few weeks ago, two journalists published previously unpublished details and the Berlin Prosecutor’s Office commented on the ongoing investigation into the memory of Rebecca Reusch’s disappearance. However, as a media report has now revealed, the investigation could indeed make good progress. Is it possible to solve the problem of the student’s disappearance permanently?

Miss Rebecca Reusch: Can the mystery related to the student from Berlin be solved now?

It might be the missing student’s cell phone that could ultimately point the investigators down the right path. Because how picture Wanting to know, officials from Berlin reportedly sought help from Google headquarters more than six months ago at the request of the Attorney General. Investigators’ goal: data from Rebecca Reusch user accounts. Not only did these reconstruct the girl’s final hours, but also revealed connections with previously unknown people.

How picture Further reports, Google headquarters reportedly responded with a positive response at the start of February 2021. Accordingly, a data bus has now been leaked to investigators. As an investigator apparently confirmed to the portal, “an enormous amount of data” is said to be stored on this USB drive. This data should include user accounts with Snapchat and Google, among other things. Using this data, investigators now appear to want to rebuild the search engine that Rebecca user accounts could use when. Phone numbers should also be saved on this stick, as well as search queries, voice commands, or calendar entries.

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Rebecca Reusch gets it wrong: Investigators get a USB drive with countless leaked important data

But that’s not all, investigators should now be able to determine if Rebecca’s missing user accounts were actively used after her disappearance. It can also evaluate which devices accounts can log into. How picture Further reports, Google headquarters should have access to the IP addresses and phone numbers of the respective SIM cards. All this data is said to have been provided to the Berlin investigators.

As the paper further indicates, all these data must be evaluated up-to-date. It remains to be seen in the near future whether the new data bus will finally provide the critical tracking to be able to locate the requester. The girl’s parents still hoped their daughter would return. Two years after the girl’s disappearance, Brigitte and Bernd Roche expressed touching details.

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