Rapper Lail Yas has passed away at the age of 25, and greetings are pouring out for the Gulf region star

The rapper sang in Bay Area Lil Yase Demon. Pic credit: THEOFFICIALYASEPAGE / YouTube

Bay Area rapper Lil Yase has reportedly passed away, as confirmed by social media posts from the rapper’s friends on Saturday. Yase, real name Mark Antonyyo Alexander, was 25 years old.

Its record company, Highway 420 Productions, has not released an official statement as of this writing. However, Thizzler on the Roof of Bay Area tweeted that the poster asked them to release a new music video from the rappers on Saturday evening. An official cause of death has not been revealed.

Ago News of Yasa’s deathPraise has come from many people online, including friends, fans, and fellow artists.

Friends and fans greet Yasil Yas

The day before, a photo post arrived on the official Instagram page @ YaseMoney600 (below). A picture appeared of the rapper standing on the stairs. As part of the hashtag in the caption, wish people happy Thanksgiving.

This post now has over 17,700 likes and is receiving comments from many other music artists following reports of Yassa’s death on Saturday, November 28.

Some of the individuals who commented included Slimmy B, Derek King, Lil Slugg, and Shawn Eff, who posted condolences, RIP messages, and / or emojis in memory of the rapper Bay Area.

In addition to the Instagram post above, a Yase confidant named Jeremiah Messiah has shared several tributes, including the ones below.

“Rest in peace to one of the coolest men I have ever met! It was different but it was the same and was always looking outside and giving me more money than I asked for registration or whatever. He offered me to buy a new laptop when I got hit,” he wrote in the comment On post appears part of Yase’s music video.

Jeremiah also mentioned Christ in Another IG share That Yase was a star and his ex-wife deleted her YouTube account twice.

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“He has millions of followers and because of the trap in the Gulf region. My n *** a doesn’t have to be as big as he deserves! We need to acknowledge and love our talent when they are alive!” He added in the comment to his post.

Several fans and accounts have also paid homage to the late rapper on Twitter, sharing parts of his music or other videos and ideas.

As shown in the above tweet from @TheThizzler, Yase’s new music video is set at 9 PM EST / 6 PM PDT Saturday night as Top Dog. This The video will be available here.

Yase’s catalog included mixed tapes and EPs

to me All the musicYase was born in 1995 and raised in the Sunnydale neighborhood outside San Francisco, California. He started making music when he was 18 years old with a borrowed iPad.

The rapper’s contributions to the Gulf region since his arrival in hip hop have included Get it In, Furl, and Worst Way. His song Get it on In the end she got a remix featuring Nef the Pharoah and others.

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Yase’s albums included Winner’s Circle, Sorry for the Heat, and Kobe – named after the Los Angeles Lakers star who also passed away this year.

Apple Music shows the latest release of Lil Yase and is his October 23, 2020 song, Case Closed. The song also includes Amg Manson.

Before that, Yase’s releases included EPs and mixtapes such as What a Time to Grind EP with G-Val, From the Block Too Alot, and 4500. He’s collaborated with artists including Yatta, Nemz, and Shoreline Mafia.

Yase was also a part of Hella Disrespectful: Bay Area Mixtape by veteran rapper Too $ hort, which was released in 2017. He appeared on the song On God, which also featured Mistah FAB and Young Gully.

Additionally, he has performed the song Handle from rapper Sage the Gemini, which was featured on the 2017 album Morse Code.

News of Yas’s death arrives in a year in which rap stars Nipsey Hassel, Jos World, Kingfone and Bob Smoke have died.

Fans can check out more Lil Yas music and videos at Lil Yase’s official YouTube page.

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