Ranking of the top 10 TV series

What is the most successful Netflix TV series? Let’s find out together the top ten, updated in May 2021, of the most popular programs of the American broadcasting platform. Have you seen all of them or are you missing some of them?

Because The 2021 pandemic New releases in Netflix me for sure Dropped Compared to previous years. Despite this, however, in the past a program From flow Some were released TV series Oh really Success, Who have obtained Opinions From Millions of users.

Want to know what it is Programs Which has the most Conquered The Year? Here it is rating, Updated to May who is this Year: If you haven’t seen it yet, you absolutely should Recovery these Ten series!

Netflix: Top ten most-watched series

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As we could easily imagine after seeing Last success From la series Gold medal going to Bridgerton, The series is signed before Shonda Rhimes That improved in just one month 82 million viewers.

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The second place goes to New Amsterdam, Which tells the story of Dr. Max Goodwin, Medical director for anyone Public hospitals bigger United States of America Which you intend to update by providing athe support Adapts to The patients.

In third place there Jenny E. Georgia, Mother-daughter drama molto simile ad “Mother as a friend.” In fourth place there instead Lupine, Series with Omar C, Ludivin Sagner and Clotilde Hesme Which tells the adventures of the thief more Famous any time.

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They follow “Who killed Sarah?” , “Behind her eyes” e Snow Hole. In eighth place there Firefly Lane, Subtitled into Italian with “Summer we learned to fly”Who talks about friendship took over e Kate, United by a bond that extends from Tens of years.

Ranking of TV Series on Netflix

  1. Bridgerton
  2. New Amsterdam
  3. Jenny E. Georgia
  4. Lupine
  5. Who killed Sarah?
  6. Behind her eyes
  7. Snow hole
  8. Firefly Lane
  9. Destiny: The Winx Saga
  10. Riverdale

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In the ninth place “Destiny: The Winx Saga”Where the heroes are a group of Teenagers Who are with them Magical powers Face Rivalry e Likes While studying at the Faculty of Magic Alfia. The arrangement closes Riverdale Teen drama in which some Children They find themselves forced into a solution Ambiguity In their city.

In short, now you have no more excuses for not doing one Nice marathon!

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