Kazakhstan defeated Finnish defender NSO with a shot

On Sunday of the group stage of the Men’s World Hockey Championship in Riga, the defending champions were eliminated by the Finns 2-1 from Kazakhstan, while Belarus beat Sweden 1-0.

Surprise, Kazakhstan defeats the defending champion (Photo: AFP)

The defending hero where are you The United States defeated 2-1 in the first round of the group stage, A. Kazakhstan national team But he was not met with victory. Leadership Anton Lundell Finland scored third, but Kazakhstan tied in two minutes. No more goals have been scored in the last period, so additional time may come. No decision has been made regarding the addition, Finally, Kazakhstan won on penalties – It’s no small surprise.


At the same time Belarus match With Sweden. There were no goals in the first two thirds and only 33 seconds in the third when Belarus advanced. This feature was finally discontinued and it was a huge surprise. They won 1-0.

Elite World Championship, Riga
3. National Action Program
the group
-Britain 2–1 (1–0, 1–1, 0–0)
Sweden-Belarus 0-1 (0-0, 0-0, 0-1)
But late
19.15: Switzerland and Denmark
Group B.
Norway-Italy 4–1 (1–0, 2–0, 1–1)
Finland-Kazakhstan 1-2 – with one shot (0–0, 1–1, 0–0)
But late
Canada and the United States (TV: Sports 2)

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