Racehorse Black Caviar won the 2012 Australian Female Athlete of the Year award

Black caviar (front left) has a nose not only in this race – but always. Photo: AP PA Wire

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Female Athlete of the Year in Australia … a horse!

December 23, 2012: Who was Sportsman of the Year, and Who was the Most Outstanding Athlete? At the end of the year, the question was on the minds of all editorial offices around the world – including Australian journalists Phil Rothfield and Darren Hadland. They both want to be funny. Unfortunately, they step poorly in the process.

Who will be the best athlete of the year? Who will be Sports of the Year? This question preoccupies juries around the world at the end of the year. There are official votes, general elections, and sometimes only journalists who make this decision.

And also with the Aussie The Daily Telegraph From Sydney. Phil Rothfield and Darren Hadland list there annually Her 50 most prominent sports On. She was named Athlete of the Year for Cricketer Michael Clark. In the statement they ask, “Who else should be?”

Michael Clark was named Australian Athlete of the Year 2012 by The Daily Telegraph. Photo: STRINGER / Australia / Reuters

The question will also be relevant for women in the 2012 Olympic year. Sally Pearson, for example, races the 100-meter hurdles to reach gold in London. Anna Merris races to the top of the podium in a track race, and swim girls Kate Campbell, Alicia Coates, Brittany Elmsley and Melanie Schlange guarantee their Olympic victory at home in the 4 x 100m freestyle. So there is no shortage of proper selection. But the “Daily Telegraph” chose Black Caviar as the winner.

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A racing horse, to be exact.

Black Caviar: Australian Athlete of the Year 2012 (Ah, the horse, the jockey is Luke Nolen). Bild: AP

So in 2012, the horse will indeed be the Athlete of the Year. One could only laugh if it was sometime in the beginning of the twentieth century. But the year 2012.

No wonder the authors wind up in a dirty storm. The topic on Twitter is “popular” and many advocates are preparing reports. Rothfield’s attempt at reconciliation, with a statement “seriously not intended”, is mired in hype.

Of course, things did not settle down even when Pearson won the journalists ’list in the” golden moment “category.

Not enough Olympic gold and new Olympic record for Sally Pearson to win the 2012 Female Athlete of the Year title. Photo: Environmental Protection Agency

It’s also worth noting, however, that Black Caviar was a great year. The purebred six-year-old remains undefeated year-round – as it is throughout his entire career. She broke various records. The most important: With 22 undefeated races it sets a new record that did not exist 100 years ago.

The series broke almost twice. In the 18th race, the media wrote even before the start that the difficult conditions did not like the Black Caviar. 20,000 spectators come to Caulfield and see an impressive victory for knight Luke Nolin and his impressive horse.

In April, Black Caviar in Morphettville set the only record in Australia with a 20th win. Coach Peter Woody then praised, “Luke (the knight, editor) was so nice to her, I just arranged her and did the rest.”

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The real test will not continue until summer. In the first outdoor race in Ascot, England. 80 thousand fans came. The event will be broadcast live across Australia and there will be a large audience in Melbourne. Black Caviar wins a dramatic race inches from Moonlight Cloud. It is the 22nd victory in the 22nd competition.

In the last few meters you have almost lost bullets. As it turned out, the fastest woman in Australia had a cramp during the race and had to take a longer break after that. Season is over.

In November, Black Caviar will receive the European Champion Sprinter at the Cartier Racing Awards. An honor never before seen on a horse born outside of Europe.

The last event of the year is the Daily Telegraph award. In 2013, Black Caviar won all three races in which it competed. The resignation came on April 17th. “25 wins is an impressive number,” says Woody.

Shortly thereafter, a life-size bronze statue was unveiled in Nagambe. Since then, the racing horse has achieved many successful pregnancies. Finally, the good genes must be passed on.

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