Rabbi opens synagogue in ‘prison’

The Russian Rabbi inaugurated the renovated synagogue in the old prison in Russia • On the tenth anniversary of the opening of the synagogue • Intense activity with Jewish prisoners in various prisons in Russia

After a decade of operation of the synagogue in the Butyrka prison in central Moscow, which was opened with special government approval for the benefit of the Jewish prisoners imprisoned there, the administration of the place renovated the place used as a synagogue – by Chabad envoys in Moscow.

Butyrka prison, also known as Butyrsky, is the oldest in Greater Russia, it has been active for about 250 years in a row, and even the largest and most important Hasidim were imprisoned there for the “sin” of spreading the Torah and Hasidism. . Now, after those dark and difficult years, Hasidic Jewish activity is taking place on the same site, and after this synagogue, a number of other churches were subsequently opened in several prisons throughout Russia, and prisoner assistance activities are held throughout the year.

Before the event, the Chief Rabbi of Russia, Rabbi Perl Lazar Shleta, arrived, who met the director of the prison, his deputies and his staff, and thanked them for the renewal and investment to strengthen the morale of the prisoners in general and for the Jews in particular.. It is exciting with the participation of the prisoners, and they also put on tefillin and heard words of encouragement and encouragement from Great guest, and even received books for study in Russian translation.

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The ceremony was also attended by Rabbi Aharon Gurevitz, Rabbi IPS Aharon Gurevitz, who was in constant contact throughout the year with the prison administration in Russia, and the Shloshim, who regularly visits this prison, also attended Passover celebrations and other Jewish activities for Jewish prisoners.

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