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The latest corvette of project 20386 “Mercury” will be the first Russian ship to be built entirely according to the “stealth” concept. around it RIA Novosti Two informed sources said.

Agency interlocutors explained that previously only certain elements of stealth technology were used on Russian ships, however, the concept of an inconspicuous ship has not yet been fully implemented. According to the designers’ idea, “a ship with a height of 100 meters will reflect the radio signal like a small boat” thanks to radio-absorbing coatings throughout the entire hull area, the special shape of the superstructure, innovative materials and paints.

It was clarified that the hull of the ship has already been completed, and now the superstructures of the ship are being formed. It was planned to test the level of stealth in special tests.

7 июня National interest I suggestedThe Russian Mercury-class cruisers may face the same problems as American coastal warships of freedom and independence. Among the problems that may accompany the construction of a promising Russian ship are cost overruns and technical problems. In particular, it is said about the unsuccessful choice of the propulsion system, the suboptimal design of the radar system and the insufficient combat ability of the aircraft. The publication’s experts argue that the Project 20386 Corvette “remains a unique testing ground until its capabilities are perfected.”

Project 20386 corvette “Mercury” should hit surface ships with cruise missiles, search and destroy submarines, protect ships and ships from enemy air attack with an anti-aircraft missile system, and provide artillery support for the landing.

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