Quinlin Blackwell, 19, pleads with living with Diplo after his previous problematic tweets surfaced

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People accuse a Major Lazer member of grooming a young influencer after discovering a previous 2010 tweet saying, “Girls born in the ’90s I should stop sleeping with you.”

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Diplo Recently headlines post Quinlin Blackwell She confirmed that she’s been living with the record producer for quite some time now. It’s not surprising that people on social media are against this idea given their age differences, and a tweet Diplo posted ten years ago made them more convinced that he was grooming a young influencer.

The tweet in question reads: “Girls born in the 90s I have to stop sleeping with you.” People found this message problematic due to the fact that Diplo must have been around their thirties when he posted a tweet while girls born in the 90s were supposed to be their teenage years. One pointed out, “Now I know I didn’t do well in math class, but the age difference adds to some very worrying numbers.”

Moreover, adding to the fact that Diplo’s ex-girlfriends and breastfeeding mothers are predominantly black women, people online are increasingly convinced that Pioneer laser The member equips Quenlin, and he’s also black. However, the social media star broke her silence and defended her decision to live with Diplo. It also dropped accusations that the DJ was preparing it.

“I’m an adult. I’m not polite. Platonic relationships exist. I’ve been here for over a year … I’d rather break my leg and be forced to walk than follow Diplo romantically,” she said on her Twitter account, “He prefers suffocating.” “It’s barley ( Sic) in Los Angeles B.C. It’s so busy. ”

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Quinlin went on to defend her boyfriend, “Diplo gave me the opportunity and the safety to build. Diplo and his team are my teachers in Los Angeles and they are my safety net. Diplo and his team have rescued me many times from the weirdos in Los Angeles. My parents trust him. I trust him. You guys. You make me feel bad. Diplo is my dad in Los Angeles … nothing more. ”

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