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Continuing from yesterday, new characters that were scheduled to appear in “GungHo Collaboration” have been released!

Spear Princess Bertie

Summons Board Day 1 Announcement, “Spear Princess Berte”!

It possesses 3 Tree Row Stiffeners for wake up, and the skill is exceptional as something that can be used in two turns, making it look handy for both leaders and branches
NautilusIt seems interesting to combine it with the “!”

Final development

Concerto Maki Celisa

Next, “Co-op Maki Celessa” appeared from Summons Board.

This is “L-shaped water drop generation”, “recovery improvement”, etc.Royal OakExcellent compatibility with!
Besides, I think it is suitable for a HP high magnification water party, so I definitely want to secure it.

Final development

Zeus, the Almighty God

Hence, it will be a participating character from Chronomagia, the first being “Almighty God Zeus”.
mysteryThe illustration differs from the original Zeus and is brand new!

However, the performance is terrible …
Performing the skill that allows you to subtly stand up to awaken that makes you want to call him the embodiment of firepower.

All skins are very excellent, so this is a character who wants to target multiple bodies!

Final development

Development aid

Rudra, the god of destruction

Even then, “Rudra, the God of Destruction” from Chronomagia!

This is also a tremendous amount of help with firepower! !!
Moreover, it possesses the skill of “Incorrect Penetration” that can only be used in 12 turns, and Dark Color has a great deal of “Cross Attack”.
What an interesting character …!

With the “Fire / Dark Drop Generation” skill that can be used repeatedly comes up, “Dark Phoenix]Etc. It may also shine ♪

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Final development

Development aid

Belial, Empress of Evil

Of course, the latest announcement today is also a chronoma gear figure!
She is “Belial, the Empress of Evil.”

Up to this point, the characters are full of firepower, but the strength of support has improved!
Instead of the flaw of “Self Harm”, he possesses an exceptional skill called “Indelible Fall, Attachment, Awakening Cancellation, Cancellation, Full Healing” which can be used in 5 roles.

I thought the darker color was capable of producing fiery power.
Skill is not the guarantee of a single role, it is very convenient …!

She’s a character who can play many roles, so I’d like to have more than one role.

Final development

Development aid

GungHo collaboration details will be released tomorrow, so let’s look forward to existing character reinforcements and contents of this gacha ~ ♪

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