Premier League TV rights in the USA: 3 billion goals

The Premier League It has always been one of the richest football leagues in the world, and as I mentioned Football and finance, its sales can grow even more. Indeed, the leaders of the FA have begun testing the ground for the sale of television rights in United States of AmericaThe current deal will expire at the end of the season.

In 2016, Comcast put on the board $1.1 billion to allow CNN to broadcast games of major Premier franchises over the next six years. However, at this time, the value of the English championship has grown exponentially and this figure is destined to do the same. the athlete It’s emphatic: to pack Next 9 yearsAt least it will start 3 billion dollars (2.6 billion euros).

CNN's logo appears above its Los Angeles office,...

CNN owns the rights to the Premier League / SOPA Images / GettyImages

If true, this would be the highest amount ever paid by any broadcaster to broadcast a football tournament. Basically, one one season Almost from the English Premier League 289 million eurosIt will all be split between the 20 clubs in the British First Division. The agreement is still in effect instead of $150 million a year.

For the first time, the ability to assign television rights to more than one broadcaster in the United States will also be offered. In fact, the English Football Association banned Four different packages. So the suitors, among them also count dazn NS Amazon Prime VideoYou will have to choose from the following solutions:

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