The Stumbling Butterfly, Corinne Winters Invades Circus Maximus – Music

(ANSA) – ROME, July 17 – Corinne Winters has invaded Circus Maximus with the influential Madama Butterfly. The American soprano, first appearing in the Opera of Rome, provided voice and body with great power to the heroine of Puccini’s masterpiece, a fifteen-year-old Japanese girl naively in love with American Pinkerton who would betray her dreams by abandoning her fate “alone and vindicated.” In the end, the audience rewarded her with applause and stomping their feet on the stairs.

Applause also for Saimir Pirgu, despite the fact that he seemed less clever to move in the role of a “too politically incorrect” businessman who marries the girl and deludes her into his return. Recognition went to Maestro Donato Renzetti at the head of the orchestra, and Spanish director Alex Ole, who very successfully adapted the proposed theatrical production in 2015 and the following year in the Baths of Caracalla for the needs of the new space. Her reading of Madama Butterfly as ‘The Loss of Heaven’ modernizes the story in which the confrontation between the two characters becomes a struggle between two irreconcilable worlds, the whiteness of a girl ready to go from ritual dress to hot. Pants, a fishnet, and an undershirt bearing a star and stripe flag, Pinkerton accounts that he was no longer a US Navy officer, but an unscrupulous builder, ”symbol of the neoliberal tsunami, the latest consequence of fierce colonialism, capable of destroying everything.” The evocative scene at the ceremony The Japanese wedding, where the long red curtains moved in slow motion almost by the wind, and Cio-Cio-San’s love vows ready to change her life and religion to become American by accepting being ostracized by his family, gives way in the second and third chapters to his modest home where he lives with his son whom Pinkerton never knew about Surrounded in the distance by buildings under construction that soar relentlessly.Here Butterfly on ‘A Beautiful Day We’ll See’ explains to loyal maid Suzuki her proven facts about the future with Pinkerton destined to crash fatally.

Four reruns, on July 20, 29 and 31 and August 6.


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