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To discover the charming hotel this week and escape the sweltering temperatures, we traveled to Northern Europe, where we found Uni Resorts, a project in Studio Park Architects and Kari Vainio, an entrepreneur in the tourism sector, particularly dedicated to nature tourism, has worked on the design of a series of prefabricated modules in Finland.

Sustainability, both economically and environmentally, and hospitality in harmony with the environment are the concepts that this project is centered around..

“Uni Resorts is a joint venture of two pioneers in building nature tourism: a tourism entrepreneur and an architecture firm. We wanted to start and run a demo hosting company as easy as possible‘, they point at Web page, but guided by “environmental goals and the desire to create a beautiful and timeless end result. Thanks to the modular construction method, our projects are completed quickly, profitably and safely”.

as a spatial concept, Uni Villa is organized as a three-unit U . cabin. Each of the three units has its own characteristics. Two of them are configured as studios, while the third is configured as a group. This diversifies the accommodation options available while maintaining a compact footprint that prioritizes viewing and privacy in equal measure.

In design, Studio Puisto decided to wrap each of the Uni villas with an exterior layer of cross plywood (CLT). Regarding the size, Each compact unit is designed small enough to fit in the back of a standard truck, allowing the entire block to be prefabricated off-site. In this way, opportunities are expanded not only to ensure an efficient and high-quality construction process, but also Significantly reduces environmental impactIn the process of assembling these cabins. To help with this, Uni Villas has a mixed-use base that aims to accommodate even the most remote locations.

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The Uni Villas pilot project is located in a complex called golf userThree of these cabins were installed. There, they provide the area with various housing solutions that will suit anyone from families to groups of golfers without hampering the rich landscape for which the area is famous. One of its strengths is that its dark exterior allows the modules to blend seamlessly with its surroundings.Inside, natural wood tones add a soothing warmth that complements the surrounding woods. After sunset, gently streaming floodlights bathe the exterior wall surfaces and indirect lighting inside to highlight textures and textures.

The spatial character varies between studios and suites: studio apartments provide a bright and refreshing atmosphere, while the suite warms up and envelops guests in its dark hues. However, both types of accommodation have great sensory richness details, such as Woolen fabrics and loose furnishings in natural colors add luxurious depth to spacesBut in a subtle and harmonious way. The general interior approach is minimal by design, but provides maximum effect.

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