Jadon Sancho shows a huge problem with Liverpool’s transfer while Juergen Klopp and Ryan Brewster ponder their next move

Jadon Sancho shows a huge problem with Liverpool's transfer while Juergen Klopp and Ryan Brewster ponder their next move

Liverpool beat Leeds at the weekend, with Mohamed Salah scoring three goals. How good is it and is it still underrated?

Salah has always been exceptional since arriving on Merseyside – I had a hard time figuring out how to take him for granted. If anything, he is a victim of his success. His first season at Liverpool was so exceptional that he still holds to these standards – which can be difficult to replicate in every season.

Of course, his target has been droughts and tough periods over the past few years but that’s to be expected. His overall level remained fairly consistent and The records he continues to break down are testimony to this.

Defensively, it was less successful for Liverpool. Is this a concern, and what can Juergen Klopp do about it?

It is definitely a matter of concern that we are receiving more targets. The conversations we’ve had over the past two seasons centered around how strong we are in the back. We were able to thwart teams and often hesitate to go ahead for fear of our fast transfer play and clinical attack.

Weaknesses in defense are starting to emerge and the uncharacteristic faults from the main players have not helped. Competitors will consider how easily Leeds breaks the defense line. They had been Goals you do not expect this Liverpool team to give up The more teams you think can enjoy the attack, the more anxiety will be for us.

I think the good thing is how strong our attack is and that if opponents go toe-to-toe with this team, it is only that You create more opportunities and she will imagine to beat anyone.

Really, it must be a fixable problem on the training ground. After all, this is the same defense previously touted as the best in the league – they just need to find that tempo and settle once more.

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Ryan Brewster wasn’t even on the bench for the match. Does that indicate a possible exit for it, and would that be the right call?

I’m sure there’s no shortage of clubs as interested in talent like Rhian Brewster, whether it’s for a loan or a permanent move. He impressed him while at Swansea last season and it is no secret how highly regarded by everyone at the club is.

His problem is that he’s fighting for a spot in one of the best and most consistent front-triads in the world that even someone loves Jadon Sancho He will fight for a break-in while Salah, Mane and Firmino are still at the club.

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A perpetual move might be a good option, especially if a buy-back clause is included in the deal. For a player: a Premier League The club will probably be the next step in their development, but for anyone at that point in their career, having minutes and experience on the field is crucial – so it must be the right move.

Frank Lampard was left “enjoying” Klopp’s criticism of his spending this week. Lampard described him as “arrogant” a few weeks ago. Are we close to seeing a (comeback) rivalry?

Klopp It wasn’t necessarily wrong with his comments: Chelsea have spent a lot, but their financial situation and manner of managing are very different from FSG-owned Liverpool.

Lampard was also not wrong in highlighting just how expensive the Club team is – players like Van Dijk, Alison and Fabinho have been added to the squad in the past few years. The difference is that Chelsea have spent a lot this summer, we haven’t, and I think that’s what the Reds coach was trying to get to.

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I don’t think it was a big hit at Chelsea, but I am highlighting that they are in a position to spend during these turbulent times – while we have to take a more cautious and thoughtful approach.

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Klopp does not seem like a coach to have a bitter rivalry. Only respectable and competitive competitors – like with Pep Guardiola. The media seems to be pushing this for sure; Managers will only answer the questions posed to them.

There are three weeks left in the Transfer Period. What more should Liverpool do in the market?

With just one signature, it was another quiet summer for Liverpool. I think we would have seen more new faces had a global pandemic not turned the world upside down and caused huge revenue losses for football clubs across the country.

It is not a secret how much we have lost in the games behind closed doors and the financial hits we have suffered since March. Timo Werner It will probably be red, not blue, if things continue as usual.

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However, there is still time and question marks are still hanging over the futures of a number of top players, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see more activity before the deadline of October 5.

if Jenny Vinaldom secures a move to Barcelona, A replacement must be signed. Especially with Naby and Oaks hit records. The likes of Xherdan Shaqiri, Loris Karius, Marko Gruijc and Harry Wilson can still be sold, Free up space in the team.

Ideally, Thiago Alcantara It is the only part of the business that Liverpool fans are shouting about, especially the price that is being talked about. I can’t see how to wait until January or later if we want it; Bayern want to sell and if we don’t bid, another team will.

Diane Lovren He has yet to be replaced, although it appears Klopp may seek to take advantage of his current squad options to fill the void if needed. But, again, Matip and Gomez haven’t had the best injury records and it looks like we always find ourselves in the middle of a heart center in a tough winter, it has happened in the past two seasons. Now, we are one short one so it would make sense to get another one if finances allow.

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Any other business?

I want to see more Takumi Minamino. It was a pity that he didn’t get any minutes against Leeds, especially with how awesome he was throughout the prep.

I feel he can really shine this campaign and play a crucial role in defending our title – I just hope he gives a chance.

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