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IIn ice hockey, there is a ritual that makes it clear that for all the ruthlessness with which the game’s heroes fight for the disc, there is also a huge chunk of fairness in the game. Once the last sirens sound at the World Championships, it won’t be long and all participants will line up on a blue line to hear the winner’s national anthem while the national flag is raised in the background. It also happened on Saturday evening, when the Finnish lady’s voices rang out – the German losers lined up to pay their respects to the winner.

The crew, led by Colonia Captain Moritz Muller, had raised their masks, and after an intense sixty minutes some leaned on their sticks. Their appearance was very clear: the disappointment they had missed by a wide margin outweighed the pride of standing in front of one of the most traded teams in this tournament in Latvia at a long distance.

Corbinian Holzer put it very briefly, admitting that “frustration” is great once the battle is over. “Nobody is happy about the 1: 2 (0: 1, 1: 0, 0: 1) against the current world champion,” said the 33-year-old defender, who meanwhile raised hopes for an equalizer in the 28th minute. There should be a result that increases the chances of qualifying early for the quarter-finals. “We have higher expectations, we wanted more,” Holzer said later, when the “Somme Team” won with Anton Lundel’s goal (the seventh minute) and Arto Rötsalainen’s second shot (52).

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“I have to pay tribute to the boys for how patient they are,” said Tony Söderholm, national coach who grew up in Kauniainen near the capital Helsinki and who was unhappy with the success of his countrymen. Finland is a lot, you have to come very fast and drive to break the line of defense, and there was something missing. ”“ Then it’s a matter of mind as well. ”After the second setback in a row, the required entry into the knockout phase is also a test for the nerves of choice, which has started beautifully. With high goals, however, the good starting position is now over.

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