Post analysis: Finland misses a golden opportunity

The second round was marked by a daring match between Finland and Russia With so much at stake, judge the pass to the second round or survive in Europe, as the match ended 0-1 in Russia’s favour. Kanerva, the Finnish coach, lined up 5-3-2 with Bohjanpalo and Pukki. for this part, Cherchesov made several changes to his squad Regarding the match against the Belgian lined up 3-6-1, By combining Davyev in defense and Safonov in goal. The match started very tempo and with great intensity, you can see what is at stake. On the other hand, Finland, who were making their debut in the European Cup, could judge them in the last 16 if they beat Russia. For their part, the Russians needed a win to survive the tournament, and it had to be taken into account that the meeting was in St. Petersburg, a Russian city.

The start was frenetic and Finland took the lead in the second minute thanks to Bohjanpaloالwho played a great game due to a mistake in the defensive back, But the striker was offside so he disallowed the goal. Finland’s style was perfect, they closed the innings of the Russians on the wing very well and did not allow to create any chance of scoring.And, besides, they did a great deal of damage to Cherchesov very easily. Little by little, the Russians were entering the meeting and harming the Finns via Golovin and Miranchuk.. As the minutes passed we saw Russia, to which we are accustomed, to be well planted, without gaps and with many entrances by gangs and centering until Dzyuba had the opportunity. And it is that the killer had a wonderful encounter, serving as an outlet for the Russians, and fought against all the defense that Kanerva had lined up. Before the break, Miranchuk put Atalanta winger Russia ahead by scoring from Hrádecký’s right wing.

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In the second half, Finland tried in some ways, but Russia was very well planted and didn’t want the win to slip away from them, causing some consternation but without judging the match. finally, The Russians won by playing a good game against the Finns who played a good game مباراة, loses a golden opportunity to judge the pass.

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