Oppo Reno5 Z – Time is still young

Talking, by far, the second domestic Oppo phone is very expensive.

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round I was lucky seven years ago To test the Oppo phone for the first time, and I didn’t even wave it to another unknown Chinese emerging brand because I heard good news about the US-made multinational, high end About Blu-Ray players. The BBK Electronics brand did not operate according to the usual scenario, that is, it is built from the bottom up with cheap offers, it started with well-assembled and highly priced products, which is exactly what find 7 a: Flip flip smartphone, smart and precise. And he could not make the biggest mistake: he could not buy it at home, in official circulation from the manufacturer.


Oppo’s shortfall has been going on for years as one of its successor brands, OnePlus, first arrived in Hungary, and the (re)merger has since been announced, but just a few weeks ago 16-year-old Oppo officially launched, spore Reno5 5G test finished with plecsni. for me Reno5 Z It’s a very similar piece, sharing a 6.43-inch AMOLED panel (only 60Hz while its mate is 90Hz), number of cameras (one lens on the front and four on the back), nearly size (160.1 x 73.4 x 7.8mm, 173g) and battery capacity (4310). mA, this time with a 30W fast charger in the box).


Width test (table can be expanded)
Measurement Oppo Reno5 Z Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G OnePlus North black shark 4 Little F3
diagonal 6.43 inches 6.55 inches 6.44 inches 6.67 inches 6.67 inches
the decision 1080 x 2400 1080 x 2400 1080 x 2400 1080 x 2400 1080 x 2400
Technique Super Amoled AMOLED AMOLED LIQUID Super Amoled Super Amoled
Image update 60 Hz 90 Hz 90 Hz 144 Hz 120 Hz
white brightness 424/785 net 522/816 net 583/610 net 545/909 net 477/1139 net
white brightness (min) 2.0 night 1.9 night 3.2 nights 1.8 nights 2.0 night
black brightness 0 night 0 night 0 night 0 night 0 night
Contrast ratio Endless Endless Endless Endless Endless
color temperature 7625K + guide 7330 k + manual 7321/6756 K + MANUAL 7402 k + manual 7369 / 6814 K + Manual
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The missing 5G suffix from the Z name might immediately indicate a difference in data connection, but this is misleading because it uses a device called Dimensity 800U 5G and has been associated with such a modem. Like its just-named companion, the Reno5 is a good size and grip, and its plastic casing is flawlessly assembled, just without the guarantee of water resistance. The coffee doesn’t interfere with the sharp 1080 x 2400 pixel panel that’s clearly visible from the outside, just as the 16MP selfie shooter and speaker remain mediocre. The light meter and proximity sensor are also invisible like a fast and reliable fingerprint reader.


Other than that, the Reno5 Z is like a modern and youthful smartphone today: the gradient back panel looks good, the power switch on the right and volume control on the left are in a perfect location, and the 48 + 8 + 2 + 2 MP camera island just isn’t trying to hide as if it were It stretches directly, to draw attention to itself. But you can also look at the increasingly sparse jack output below, in the company of the microphone, USB Type-C port, and speaker. The left-hand dual nanoSIM and dual microSD tray can be fed with the included needle, which comes with a cable, charging head, description, and case in the package, but in the initial sale the Enco TWS Tab can also be given as a gift.

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