Open to Independent Professions, Section 40, to become a member of the National Council for Peace and Order to Promote Long-Term Savings

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November 1, 2021 5:40 am

the masterMagic Termpittayapaisit The Minister of Finance reveals this despite the Covid-19 crisis, which affects people’s income, but the Ministry of Finance and the National Provident Fund (GOC) continue to promote and support stimulating savings. To create financial discipline for yourself and your family, save money for emergency expenses and future necessities. And used in retirement if we save every day until you get used to it is a saving system that will be beneficial to the people themselves.

Ms. Jarulak Ruyangsuan, General Secretary of the World Trade Movement, said the Board of Directors had approved the amendment of the National Provident Fund Act. Open to workers under section 40 groupstheir own account Apply to become a member of the NCPO to boost long-term savings. And also extend the membership of the GOC to 65 years, because people over 60 still want to save money for retirement and save money for emergency expenses, for example, in case of unemployment, there should be a reserve to spend 3-6 months between looking for New post from present, it turns out there is only 1 month reserve to spend. Therefore, it is necessary to speed up the promotion of emergency savings.

In this regard, GOCH members can apply for savings from the age of 15-60, sending accumulated savings of 50 baht, up to 13,200 baht per year. The state will pay the contributions within the 15th of the following month according to the age of the members as follows: Ages From 15 to 30. State contributions provide 50% of all savings. Total for the year no more than 600 baht Age 30-50 years The state contributes 80% of the savings each time. The total for the year is no more than 960 baht and the age range is 50-60 years, the state contributes 100% of the savings each time. Together, it is not more than 1200 baht per year. According to the foundations and conditions of the fund by investing in the stock exchange but not by more than 5% so as not to become a financial burden at the same time, the fund should prepare funds in case the fund member needs emergency funds as well.”

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