One got a little 1000 euros to say she was with me! What do women like? Aca Lukas is tough about the starlets he’s associated with!

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AKA Lucas Revealing the details of his private life, he admitted that his children are currently his biggest profession.

Volcker has been associated with stars and reality shows, so now he’s revealed the real “Premier” truth.

AKA Lucas
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Let’s not develop some theories and philosophies about love now, but there is true love that happens to you many times in your life, the more it happens to you, the happier you will be. She conveyed all those feelings to the children. It’s a different kind of love, but this energy totally exhausts you. I don’t think I can fall in love anymore, and I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting old or I don’t know when – Aca laughs.

– They do not associate me with women, but some women communicate with me without provocation. I listened to all of that and I won’t mention names, but there have been situations recently. Here, there was a little story, they told me: “Open the channel, come back, some little story,” allegedly, how she was with me, crazy with me in Montenegro … Now I’m listening and I need to justify myself – says Lucas, pointing to Marijana Zongic, current participant in “Cooperative 5”.

Marijana Zongic
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– Recently, another, I do not want to mention, said that she was with me, but now I can say publicly that she got money for it from people who wanted to deal with me in this way, so she got about 500 to 1000 euros – reveals the singer, so Who is he adding:

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– Kitty, what’s her name.. reticence. It has long been said that there is nothing in it, you once passed me as a fan, stopping to take pictures. Now I’m like Don Juan… Far from it! Do you think that with such samples it can be said that someone is Don Juan? Men like to be snooty, to have as many fish as possible, but what kind of women are these? We all like women to be loved, but the question is what to brag about – says the singer.

Aca also touched on his private life, so find out if he is currently in love.

– I’m not in love now, but I’m busier than ever. I have obligations currently being fulfilled, and I’m going to ride a kid on horseback now. I don’t have a chance to try something like that, I’m busy with other things, I keep in touch with the kids, we see each other all the time, there’s a granddaughter, I don’t know what to add – Lucas wraps up his “Premiere Show – Weekend Special”.

Aka Lucas, Vesna Zmijanak
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