YouTube Premium adds new playback controls for Android and iOS

A new feature on YouTube is called “Listen Controls”. (Photo: BR Atsit)

Youtube It has always had two very prominent aspects to this day; On the other hand, it is the largest video playback platform in the world, receiving millions of content that its users download every minute. On the other hand, it wants to be a music streaming app that consistently outperforms the music streaming app, which google browser Consider your main choice youtube music.

But the line between the two is undoubtedly very good Mountain View I decided to remove it a little more, for this reason Paid Subscription Users They won’t know what to do or where. The reason is that the listening controls operate in the manner of those in them spotifyAnd Apple Music And of course YouTube Music from Google.

YouTube adds ‘listening controls’

On YouTube, the playback controls are the usual ones: pause/play/go to the next track or go back to one side or the other by double tapping left or right for a few seconds. Well, Google thought it would be interesting to add a new function called “listening controls” To place these buttons at the bottom of the screen.

YouTube focused on listening.  (Photo: 9to5Google)
YouTube focused on listening. (Photo: 9to5Google)

As you can see from the screenshot above, Simply touch the three vertical dots that appear in the upper right corner to display a popup with a variety of functions.

By selecting the listening controls, as well as other recommended videos, We will remove all information related to likes, shares, etc., To show only an empty space filled with these buttons.

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Why did YouTube choose to do this?

Well, the reason should be found in a feature that users with a paid subscription like, Namely, the ability to play content in the background, With the screen off, even with music playback enabled; Such as broadcasting, conferences, video games on YouTube, etc.

By redesigning the entire control area, These users can manage what they see as if it’s a song on Spotify or any other platformQuickly and without much noise on the screen.

Something they will enjoy and often turns into a problem because among so many things on the horizon, it’s hard to manage reading or where we want to go (a certain minute of the video, another chapter, etc).

File illustration of silhouettes and laptops in front of the YouTube logo.  March 28, 2018 (Reuters) / Dadu Rovich
File illustration of silhouettes and laptops in front of the YouTube logo. March 28, 2018 (Reuters) / Dadu Rovich

These are the mistakes and penalties that could leave you without a YouTube channel forever

The update that the company is proposing does not seek to affect the user experience, the changes will focus on making the information in the text more visible as something will be added that many will want to take into account, what There will be absences due to non-compliance with the rules of society and the process to be implemented if any of these behaviors are incurred.

Community rules focus on both users and content creators and aim to make the experience an enjoyable process, for this reason, In the videos themselves and in the comments made to them, the platform prohibits any type of spam or content that is misleading, sensitive, violent, dangerous, or that deals with illegal products that are not regulated. All specifications of Content that is not permitted within the Platform will be available to all users to read in the Community Rules section.

The logo of the YouTube app on a smartphone, in an illustration September 15, 2017. REUTERS / Dado Ruvic /
The logo of the YouTube app on a smartphone, in an illustration September 15, 2017. REUTERS / Dado Ruvic /

In the same way, YouTube does not allow misinformation, especially those that may cause harm to people in real life, such as threats or offers regarding harmful treatments and treatments.

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If you want to know how the process will be if you violate YouTube regulations,Enter this link.

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