Earns 10,000 yen … offers himself rent in exchange for doing nothing | photo

Some work day and night to provide for their daily sustenance, while others are too lazy and content with sitting at home and complaining about the lack of jobs and the inability to find work opportunities, but there is another type of people who creates a job for themselves from their laziness.

In exchange for “doing nothing,” a Japanese man offered himself to rent, in order to obtain funds, and, strangely enough, he had amassed an enormous number of followers online and thousands of customers.

“Shoji Morimoto,” 37, from Tokyo, gets 10,000 yen (about $ 95 USD), plus travel and meals, for nothing he does but eat and drink and respond with simple answers.

Sometimes you need someone to accompany you if it is difficult for you to shop and wander around on your own or you need a player to complete your team, or you may need someone to reserve a place for you, and this is Morimoto’s principle, he says: “I cannot do anything except the easy things.”

The young Japanese man offered his services for the first time in June 2018 after he posted a tweet in which he said: I offer myself for rent, as a person who does not do anything, “adding the previous details, and indeed he found his clients.

At first, Morimoto provided his services for free, but decided to charge a fee to reduce the volume of requests. He assures the Independent newspaper that he provides requests for three or four clients per day, who have reached 3,000 since he launched his services for the first time.

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He pointed out that “people hire his services for various reasons, but most of them feel bored or lonely and simply want someone to listen to them.”

Among the businesses he was hired to participate in were having lunch, taking pictures on Instagram, escorting someone filing for divorce, taking pictures of butterflies in the garden and listening to health care workers struggling for their work.

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