On Twitter he advises you what you see

For many, his number is closely related to Wolverine in the cinema, but a career Hugh Jackman It also consists of many more. When the actor is not on set, he also turns himself into an attentive spectator, and if there is something he particularly likes, he does not hesitate to suggest vision to his followers on social networks.

Recently, as we can also see in the tweet below the news, Hugh Jackman He seems to be particularly impressed Pretend to be a city, A documentary series dedicated to New York City that has been streaming on Netflix since January 8th. The series was made by Martin Scorsese and Fran Liebowitz, Writer, comic and good friend of the latest director of The Irishman.

In a video of about fifty seconds long, Hugh Jackman explains: “I recommend pretending it’s a city, it’s an amazing series, I think it’s six parts, and I think it is su NetflixScorsese and Fran Leibovitz did it. “. Like this work, the translator continues WolverineAnd the “It reminds me how much I love that city, and that I never have to walk there I look at my cell phone. I have to look up, look down, look around … “

However, Hi Jackman adds, “I think Fran Lebowitz would find the truth recommending the series through social media like this one Annoying and disgustingVery sorry, Fran. “

If you haven’t already, you can check out Pretend it’s a city trailer.

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