Olympia | Ice hockey: Ice hockey: USA beats Canada to keep a clean sheet

Olympia |  Ice hockey: Ice hockey: USA beats Canada to keep a clean sheet

Status: 02/12/2022 07:23 AM

At the Olympic ice hockey tournament, the United States celebrates its second win in two games. The United States beat Canada in a high-quality match.

In the ice hockey classic on Saturday (February 12, 2022), the United States retained control of the Fencing Preliminary Round in Group A with 4:2 (2:1, 1:1, 1:0).

Even without the stars from the NHL professional ice hockey league, both teams brought a lot of quality on the ice.

Canada had already proven it with a 5-1 victory in their opening match against the German teamIt has to be on the list. The United States also achieved an impressive 8-0 victory over the host country of China.

Canada in the lead early – the United States directly resist

Canada is off to a good start. Just two minutes later, Matt Robinson scored from a tight maple leaf corner to make it 1-0. USA goalkeeper Strauss-Mann did not look good conceding a goal.

But the Canadian team’s joy was short-lived. And Andy Miele (third) equalized after just one minute in favor of the United States.

This was followed by a high-profile match with chances for both teams. Shortly before the end of the first period, the Americans took a 2-1 lead via Ben Myers after strong prep work from Sean Ferrell (19).

Both teams have a strong attack

Brendan Bryson increased the difference to 3:1 in the second period after a pass from Nick Shore (23). Earlier, Canadian goalkeeper Eddie Pasqual lost the puck on a trip outside his own net.

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Maple leaves did not open and were able to shorten when outnumbered. Kurban Knight scored a goal after preparatory work for Daniel Winnick (35).

Good chances for more goals

In the last 20 minutes, the match remained very entertaining and there were many chances for both sides. In the 47th minute, Ken Agostino gave the American team the lead with two more goals. Once again, Canada goalkeeper Pasquale looked bad, letting the tricky but erratic shot slip through his gloves.

After that, both teams still had good chances to score more goals, but they either missed it negligently or failed due to the strength of the goalkeepers this time. In the end, the Americans deserved to win 4-2 in a duel of prestige with their northern neighbors.

The United States leads Group A

In Prelim Group A, which also includes the DEB selection, the United States is now ahead with two wins from two games. Canada has a balanced budget.

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