Fitness trends for 2022: Nobody can avoid these sports

Especially at the beginning of the year, many people are interested in sports and health. After all, New Year’s resolutions must be implemented. But there are much more exciting activities than just jogging or lifting some weights at the gym. The Fitness trends 2022 Offer interesting alternatives. More than ever, the focus is on pleasure and alertness.

At-home fitness trends for 2022

In times of pandemic, more and more people are keeping fit at home. At the same time, the default supply is growing. Many fitness studios and personal trainers now offer online courses – live or recorded, for the masses or individually for individuals. Again this year, this type of home fitness is likely to be the best solution for many. But virtual fitness is also required outside of the courses. For example in the form of Nintendo’s famous “Ring Fit Adventure”. A game in which you only progress by performing exercises such as squats, leg raises or yoga poses.

In Ring Fit Adventure, the required exercise is always shown by the virtual coach. © nintendo

For others, typical sports gadgets without Wi-Fi, TVs or consoles come into question. Here, one of the fitness trends for 2022 is hoola hoop. Already in the past year, a lot of people have grabbed a hula hop and let their hips spin. There is now a huge selection of different models – with additional weights or massaging pads, there is something for every type. If you need suggestions for exercises, you’ll find plenty of instructions and examples on YouTube, for example. The ideal conditions to start “peeling” this year.

Indoor cycling: hard pedal

Bicycles should be familiar to most people. The devices have been in fitness studios for a long time, and they can also be found here and there as home trainers. However, indoor cycling is now experiencing a renaissance and is moving into the focus of the 2022 fitness trends for people who want to exercise. The reason: the technical developments and smart marketing of today’s most popular manufacturers, Peloton. This provides high-quality equipment for the home, which ensures an all-round fitness experience with a large screen and WLAN. There are a variety of classes and exercises, live or on demand. Coaches accompanies athletes and stimulates their appearance a lot. In addition to cycling, the Peloton membership also offers courses in the areas of yoga, strength, and meditation.

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The touch screen can be operated like a smartphone.  (Photo: IMTEST)
Peloton has many courses, also for strength training or yoga. © peloton

To test the new Peloton Bike+, the author had to push his limits and shed his aversion to cycling. Maybe forever.

HILIT: A New Beginner’s Workout Model

In recent years, HIIT, high-intensity interval training, has been popular. As the name suggests, this type of training is very demanding. It involves alternating between strenuous effort and recovery with different exercises. Although the intensity of the exercise can vary, such an exercise can be too difficult for a fitness beginner. Thus, the 2022 fitness trends include HILIT, a high-intensity, low-impact training. Athletes here combine intense cardio with elements of yoga, Pilates or gymnastics. Muscles and joints should be strengthened after accelerating the pulse with cardio exercises. HILIT is said to be gentler than HIIT and also suitable for beginners.

With a fitness tracker, it’s easy to beat your weakness. IMTEST defines what they have achieved.

Healthy hedonism: the main thing is to have fun

The fitness trends for 2022 aren’t just about effectiveness and achieving your own goals: the key word here is healthy hedonism. Underlying this attitude is that what you do above all gives you pleasure. Torture to achieve a goal and statements such as “If you want to be beautiful you have to suffer” do not fit here. With this attitude, exercise, training, and nutrition should really benefit you. The point here is to pay attention to what the day looks like, the current state of health, and dire needs. For example, training can sometimes be canceled or reduced if you are not feeling 100% better. Sports can also be changed if it is no longer fun. And all this without conscience.

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IMTEST shows how to stay fit at home, how to order medicines and groceries or how to schedule doctor’s appointments via the app.

Fitness and health

In keeping with the healthy hedonism doctrine, fitness and mental health are also at the top of the list of fitness trends for 2022. Once again, the pandemic is helping more and more people take care of their mental health. In line with this, the company brings MindLabs It will launch an app next month aimed at promoting mental health. In this app there will be different courses in which neurologists, psychologists and therapists give advice, exercises and help for every situation in life. Stress, anxiety, loneliness and sleep are some of the themes. The app will likely only appear in English at this time. In the spring, MindLabs will also launch an offline studio in London.

On the other hand, to enter the world of meditation, there is a tool also available in German: the Musa agal. This is equipped with EEG sensors that transmit measured brain activity to the app. With this, the user gets audio feedback showing how active his thoughts are during the meditation exercise. This helps beginners in particular to develop a sense of mediocrity and better perceive progress.

HintDaylighting: Daylights can also improve mental health, especially in winter. IMTEST has checked which lamp works best with this one.

Strengthen your body and mind with the fitness trends of 2022

Whether it’s a vigorous workout like HILIT, biking with a peloton or swinging around the Hula Hoop: everyone should find something fit among the 2022 fitness trends. In a healthy hedonism mindset, there are just three things to remember: Start slowly in any Sport, set achievable goals, and have fun. If you want to practice classic running, expert Mike Claes gives you tips in this guide:

young runner running

It’s not about time, it’s not about records, it’s about you. Whether you are a beginner or an aspiring runner, IMTEST will keep you in shape and give you 10 tips for successful running training.

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