Olympia: Donald Trump rages against the US national team

I’ve done it again. Donald Trump feels there is a conspiracy in the US women’s team. Above all, he is once again digging against archenemy Megan Rapinoe.

Even as a former US president, Donald Trump does not hold back from making statements about politics. It doesn’t stop at the Olympics. As the US Women’s Soccer pick won only the bronze medal, even though they started the tournament as the favorites, Trump delivered an all-out blow. The team was allegedly infiltrated by a “group of left-wing lunatics”. They will all be supporters of the “Woke” movement for women’s rights.

Olympia: Trump is banging on Rapinoe – America is looking for a medal

Especially since his permanent rival Megan Rapinoe is feeling the wrath of the president-elect. “The purple-haired woman played a terrible role and spends a lot of time thinking about the politics of the far left and not doing her job!” Rapinoe did her job with flying colors, opposing a goal to make the score 4:3 at an angle that had turned Australia straight in.

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In general, very few “patriots” are represented in the team. “If you wake up, you lose. They should replace the Patriots who got up and start winning again,” Trump said. This may also be understood as a reaction to kneeling before the Americans’ Games. A statement from the American Association or Megan Rapinoe herself has not been verified. In some Sometimes goals and titles speak enough words.

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