Ogier time penalty for not wearing a helmet in Finland

The championship leader was convicted of not wearing his properly installed helmet during Stage 12 on Saturday.

The matter has been reviewed by my commissioners son, which caused Auger And his co-pilot Julian Ingracia received a time penalty and a fine.

Fortunately for Ogier, the time penalty will not affect his overall position as the seven-times world champion remains fifth in the standings heading into the final stage of the event.

This isn’t the first time Ogier has been charged with a helmet violation this season. In Monaco he also forgot to tie his helmet and there the stewards imposed a fine of 400 euros but no sporting penalty.

The hosts’ report stated: “Mr. Ogier stated that he had no reason to explain why the tape was taken off during SS12.”

“There was no rush to buckle up at the start of the stage and it wasn’t like the 2021 Monte Carlo Rally incident where he just forgot to buckle up his helmet.”

Sebastien Ogier, Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT

Photography: Toyota Racing

Photographic and video evidence shows that the tape was not installed properly and that it remained loose throughout the stage.

“Mr. Ogier said he was in no way just tying up half of his helmet, either correctly or not at all.”

In addition to the penalty and fine for Ogier, Toyota Confirm that both Takamoto Katsuta How do Callie Rovanpera will return to the rally on Sunday after withdrawing in separate incidents on Saturday.

Katsuta retired in the eighth stage when he crashed into a tree that damaged his right rear end and left him lying in the bushes.

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Rovanpera, who was fourth, lost the rear of his Yaris in the 10th stage before hitting a pile of sand that damaged the front of his Toyota.

Elvin Evans He leads the race by 9.1 seconds over Hyundai’s Otanak, with Team Toyota Isabica Lappi in fourth.

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