‘Novak Djokovic is a lying bastard’

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the Kasu Novak Djokovic Continues to keep the tennis world and the planet in general on alert. In the past hours, it was confirmed that the investigation is underway for some Alleged inconsistencies in Defense No. 1 of ATP. Thus, his participation in the 2022 edition of open day australia.

Opinions go both ways. Who came out in defense of “loom” to those who criticize him. And in this line two of them were shown, even though it was not their intention Channel 7 from tv Australia. Rebecca Mederin s Mike Love They didn’t realize the mic was open and they tore the Serbian tennis player off as much as they wanted.

A complete loot caught on cameras which is already spreading all over the world. “No matter how you look at all this, Novak Djokovic is a lying bastard. It’s a pity that others support him. You go out knowing you’re positive… I don’t think he was positive. Then he went to Spain. He fell for his lies. I think he’s going to get away with it.” In the end, ”said one journalist.

The matter did not stop there, but his dialogue went further, so he came to refer to “Vukarova Affair”: “Most people think he’s an idiot and they get hung up if they’re fair with him. That’s a problem, right? I don’t think anything happens because he’s been sent to a motel for immigration. They justify themselves to people who have been in her country. Her life isn’t fair, some fly first class. , and others… they sent that poor Czech country.”

Kyrgios position

It is placed on the other side of the coin Nick Kyrgios. The Australian tennis player raised controversy again on his account Twitter For the topic of the moment:We know the media loves to create dirty storms, with my story and everything that happens with Novak. I am so ashamed as an Australian athlete who has seen what this man has done for us and the sport. I don’t think the way we handle it is right, but the media likes to do it, they like to divide.”

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