Notarify aims to stream and enters WeShort’s capital, Netflix for short films

documentation, Developed by innovative startup B Zero srl of Federico Monte, is a platform that allows storage and authentication in Blockchain and remote biometric signing of any type of file. Also partner of Bfc Media, editor Forbes Italy, For certification of contents and ratings against fake news and plagiarism, Notarify is one modern tool And powerful to protect the copyright of any kind of intellectual work that may have a digital format, and thus also videos.

It is based on this app The just signed agreement between Notarify and WeShort, An emerging player in on-demand short films. The partnership is not only commercial, but also a contribution, in fact Notarify is entering the startup capital, to a large extent the trust in the project. WeShort is a new streaming platform dedicated to cinema and short TV series. The company originated from the idea of ​​founder and CEO Alessandro Lopriino, Longtime lover of cinema, and visionary Carlo Fusco, director and producer with extensive international experience.

Already on the team are prominent figures in both technology innovation and film criticism, who have handpicked hundreds of immediately available content. Already in the catalog there are short stories from international authors such as Guy Nattiv. his movie skin It won the Oscar for Best Short Film at the 91st Academy Awards. there drowning manNominated for Best Short Film at the Cannes Film Festival and at the BAFTAs and Devil’s Harmony, Sundance Prize 2020. And of course there are also Italian imprint works such as alpine magic With Giovanni Storti from the trio of Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo. Every week new babies arrive and offer a wide view of what you’re looking for “Netflix Short Films” Adds the first part of the WeShort Originals series: Serial Killer Productions, directed by Fusco himself, and starring none other than the great Michael Madsen.

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Federico Monti satisfied, CEO of B Zero and Notarify: “The expertise that Notarify has gained in certifying and defending content thanks to the already existing collaboration with important partners such as Forbes Italia and Banca Mediolanum will be made available for this innovative project, with the ambition to change the world of video streaming forever. . aAlso Alessandro Lopriino, CEO of WeShort, He is very confident in the partnership and explains: “In its history, short cinema was born and our mission is also to return short cinema to its full potential today also thanks to new technologies such as blockchain. We do it in the best way, we share our networks and skills, and we are proud to be chosen and chosen by Notarify.”

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