North Korea’s main sister: Kim Jong Un warns the Biden administration

North Korea’s elder sister Kim Yo-jung: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un warns US President Joe Biden’s administration .. Strong sister Kim Yoo Jong warns …


Conflicts between the United States and North Korea lead to dangerous conflicts.


Kim Sister 1

An official newspaper in Pyongyang said that the United States and South Korea last week launched a joint military exercise.


Kim Sister 6

Meanwhile, the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Kim Yoo Jong, issued a stern warning to the United States. If you want to sleep comfortably for the next four years, do not start any kind of work that deprives you of this “rest”.


Kim Sister 2

Another move by the United States angered North Korea. Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken visited Japan and South Korea yesterday.


Kim Sister 3

They plan to form a united front to isolate North Korea, which is in desperate need of nuclear weapons, and to dry up China. In this context, the warning from his sister Kim Yoo Jong, which angered his brother Kim, was of the utmost importance.

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