TeamViewer: Remote access now also directly in the browser

TeamViewer users can now directly access other computers remotely via a new browser client. The jobs can be found in the Administrative Console, which is also web based and can be started via the contact list.

If a contact has been specified, the Administrative Console introduces the user to the new web client.

(Image: TeamViewer AG)

The target computer – Windows, macOS, or Linux – should have a full copy of TeamViewer, TeamViewer Host, or TeamViewer QuickSupport. Remote access, company license, company or tensioner license for support user is also required.

Via the web app, computers can be remotely controlled, updated, shut down, and restarted using virtual input devices, among other things. A security screen function is also present on board, which darkens the target device’s screen.

Connection According to TeamViewer End-to-end encryption. The new web client officially works with Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge. The admin environment management console has been in existence with TeamViewer 8 since 2012, but a regular client was previously required for remote access.

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