NHL goalkeeper Thomas Grace mourns the loss of rights icon Rush Limbaugh

Cologne –

Former German ice hockey goalkeeper Thomas Grace (35) did not make headlines for the first time because he expressed himself questioningly on social media. On Thursday (Feb 18), the Detroit Red Wings NHL keeper again missed with the post.

  • NHL goalkeeper Thomas Greiss is making headlines
  • Former German goalkeeper mourned human rights mediator Rush Limbaugh
  • It’s not the ice hockey keeper’s first slip

Grace posted a picture on Instagram of his condolences for radio presenter Rush Limbaugh, 70, who died on Wednesday. What should be a good gesture quickly turns into a questionable one in light of the mediator’s very controversial work. The influential opinion maker with his radio show “Rush Limbaugh Show” is a symbol of the political right in the United States.

Rush Limbaugh was considered a pioneer of Donald Trump

Time and time again, Limbaugh published conspiracy theories and thus political opponents considered him propaganda. For example, he claimed that Barack Obama was not born in the United States and thus was not a legitimate president.

In addition, the presenter, who died Wednesday of lung cancer, is a pioneer of Donald Trump, who in 2020 honored him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, one of the two highest civilian awards in the United States of America.

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Through his post, Thomas Grace contacted supporters of both political camps in the United States on the scene, who hung under the photo. For example, one user wrote in frustration: “Thomas, I think you are better than that.” Another wrote: “Thomas is not blinded by this nonsense. Good man.”

Thomas Grace got up during the 2017 World Cup

Grace made a fuss at the 2017 Ice Hockey World Championships. Born in Bavaria and long-lived in America, Grace supports US President-elect Trump.

At the time, it became public that the goalkeeper liked indisputable posts on Instagram during the 2016 presidential campaign. Among other things, he “liked” a photo of Adolf Hitler that was compared to Hillary Clinton. “I was neither arrested nor convicted. She is innocent like Hillary.”

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Revelation became a political issue. Even the president of the German Football Association, Alphonse Hürmann, considered excluding him from the 2018 Olympic Games. His club at the time, the New Yorkers, distanced himself from his goalkeeper. Grace talks about a “mistake”, but his new position is making the waves beat faster again.

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