“Harald Krassnitzer” has a room to let off steam

The lockdown also upset Harald Krasnitzer. He revealed yesterday evening on the program “DAS!” On the NDR. He was a guest there with his wife Anne Catherine Kramer. On Wednesday, the two can be watched together in the psychological thriller “Tödliche Gier” on ZDF. The couple lives together in Wuppertal. In order to survive isolation time in lockdown, both retreat to a garden plot with a small hut to let off steam creatively.

“This was really my editor,” the actor revealed in an interview. “My feed is in the first closing and also partly in the second.” “Everything I find in this property will be built or reused in some way. For example, an old gutter is used as a cover. It’s fun to dig this into the ground. And then you feel completely baffled that a small sunflower seed actually becomes a large plant. Then you feel.” You are a gardener, but you know you did not contribute to it. ” Anne’s mother, Catherine Kramer, also contributed to the design of the resort. The artist painted the hut beautifully decorated, a young woman in a river landscape.

What is deadly greed?

Reverend Manfred Bahnert (Harald Krassnitzer), an uncomfortable and politician, was recently relocated to a small community in the country, where he is viewed more critically. He lives with his son Marius (Johannes Geller) and wife Claudia (Anne Catherine Kramer), who attended only because she was able to take over the local pharmacy. Adult daughter Svenia (Sophie Everinger) is visiting. When the family of fugitive convicts are taken hostage, they must unify their ranks despite family disputes.

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“Deadly greed” runs on Wednesday, February 24, 2021, 8:15 pm On ZDF. Psychological excitement can actually be reached a day in advance in the ZDF Media Library.

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