NFL Reviews Week 6: Derrick Henry Explains Why It’s the Rare RB Worth The Big Bucks, Patriots Need Training And More

Running back doesn’t have to be important. It is meant to be replaceable, more or less. You really don’t have to pay to even jog.

Unless your back is Derek Henry.

On the one hand I can easily count on how many runs I feel are worth paying $ 10 million a year from a team building perspective. Because of what Henry does with the Titans and what he does against the defenses, he is high on the list.

This was no more evident than in Sunday’s extra 42-36 win over Houston, as Henry ran 212 yards in 22 gigs and threw at 52 yards in two places.

Henry pushed over 100 yards for the tenth time of his last 14 competitions. Always a big noon, his rise to 2019 coincided with the inclusion of Ryan Tannehill as the primary midfielder. And make no mistake: Tannehill must have been in the top 5 MVP rankings within six weeks.

But Henry is without a doubt the most valuable member of crime. Tanhill can only do well outside of play because the defenses respect – nope, fear – Henry. At 6 feet-3 and around 250 lbs., Henry reached a top speed of 21.62 mph in his 94 yard career. It was the fourth fastest speed the ball carrier has reached this season, and it’s impressive, comedic and terrifying.

Week 6 was a wild Sunday and there is much to turn to. John Brisch and Ryan Wilson join host Will Brinson on Pick Six Podcast to break it all down; Listen below and make sure to sign up for the daily NFL benefits.

Henry’s ability to obtain arenas after contact is second to none between active players. The way he imposes his will against the defenses has an unparalleled cumulative effect in office. When it comes to the team’s value in running back, only Alvin Camara is on his level, in my humble opinion.

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He speaks so well of Titans and GM John Robinson that they haven’t allowed Henry to play this season on the franchise brand. What I expected them to do – and honestly what I was going to do – is to put Henry on the ground in 2020, just like in 2019. I was going to see if he had held up, and when March 2021 came, figure out if I needed the canister I started off the road. As it relates to a long-term contract.

But the mighty officers realized Henry’s value to the team. They signed him into a four-year, $ 50 million deal with $ 25.5 million in guarantees, which at the time placed him in third place in terms of average annual salary.

Titans did right by Henry. And with Henry playing a key role in his 5–0 start, he’s doing well for the team.

Patriots lack practice shows

The Patriots looked like a team that barely managed to train this week. They had the best midfielder, coach and defense. He still lost 18-12 at home to Denver. I think Tennessee spoiled us on Tuesday when they took care of Falo after 12 days of rest, which is really what the team is supposed to look like without practice.

Bill Bilesik said after the match, “Well, it was a huge challenge.” “Playing without men, hurting players, moving around, and there were some players who didn’t play together much, didn’t train much. So we need to get on the field, we need training, we need to develop some continuity as a team, but especially there.”

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More insider reviews on Week 6

  • It took me so long but I’ll say it: It’s time to stop calling the Chicago Bears lucky. I’ve been doing this for over a month and 1) it just didn’t matter and 2) it just wasn’t right anymore. Bears 5-1 with safe quarterback and elite defensive displays. This combination is a recipe for close matches, but winning 83% of their games doesn’t make them “lucky.”
  • I’ve been tough on Philip Rivers, but he deserves it here. It wiped out a 21-0 deficit in the second quarter, falling 24-21 in the first half. Then he got the lead to start the fourth quarter and ended up going 371 yards. He beat the Bengals, not the Seahawks, but 20 minutes into the match I was sure we’d see Jacoby Brissett prepare on the touchline soon.
  • Ron Rivera going for two to win the match against New York made sense to me. In my view, he has an inferior team led by a lower midfield who hangs out in the game. In those cases, do not prolong the game. Try to finish it as soon as possible. You could do this with one game of the 2-yard streak, and the play didn’t work. People might do a big job about the play call, and sure, okay. But winning there makes sense.


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