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* On Thursday, October 15thRealThe ladies are debating the theory that the women who stand by the men who cheat are themselves cheaters. Co-host Adrienne Houghton has an idea, based on her own experience, about why some women stay with dupe men.

Which hosts have relationships with men who spend more money than they spend? One of these guys appears cool to litigate his case!

Then, this is usAsante Blackk and his father, Ayize Ma’at, visited the ladies to talk about the Netflix anthology series Social distance. Asante shares that his co-star Sterling K Brown has been a mentor to him in his emerging career and reveals the bond he developed with fellow cast member Niles Fitch.

Later, Leah Rimini showed up to discuss the new podcast Fair game.

Adrienne has a theory as to why women stay with men who cheat

Adrienne & Jeannie are both with men who shop more than they do

Asante Blackk on Sterling K. Brown being a mentor and his friendship with Niles Fitch

Adrienne has a theory as to why women stay with men who cheat

Adrienne Houghton: There’s something to be said about the woman standing next to her when the guy keeps cheating on her constantly. At some point, you have to ask yourself, “Why is it lingering?” Many of us know people, and I personally know people who remain because of situation, money, or income. And they feel they can’t go, but their feelings no longer hurt. They are not in love with this person. When they discover that a person has been cheating on them for the seventeenth time a millionth of a hundred, they are like (ignoring) “Kanye Shrug” in the situation. Because in reality their heart also no longer exists. Um, so I think, to some extent, that you are aware of how someone will react to your betrayal. If there’s no reaction … pay attention to that, folks. Something going on. Maybe they don’t like you …

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Garcel Bovez: Oh!

Adrian: They may not be in a The love with you. Because, Garcelle, I’m sure you can really drive this house … any time I got cheated on, I couldn’t get back. Like, I loved the person so much that I lost my mind. I couldn’t think properly, I couldn’t be like, “You know what? I think we’re going to work through this.” I was like (screaming). Like, I was losing it. So, this is because I really liked the person. Then I get cheated on by others and go (make my face uninterested, blink, shrug my shoulder), and I can stay …

(Garselle laughs)

Adrian: So I can figure out my next step. But the initial reaction wasn’t a crazy thing. That was because, at that point, I was already out of love with this person. I no longer love them …

Garselle: I get that.

Adrian: I didn’t really – I didn’t know what the next step was and I was planning my life. But…

Garcel: Right.

Adrian: Definitely a different reaction.

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