New year, more trouble? A shortage of chips at Intel could drive up motherboard prices

Reports of a shortage of chipsets for this current generation of budget motherboards are not what we were hoping for in 2021.

2020 has provided us with some agonizing shortcomings in the hardware world, especially on the part of AMD andNVidia But also because keyboard The-Play Station 5 news Sony Unfortunately, 2021 will not be better in this regard.

Reporting from China Who also got approval on the site You announce to us that the slides you create Intel Corporation For popular and budget motherboards in the processor generationNucleus The tenths are low-availability and not expected to improve in the foreseeable future – and due to the combination with the lack of other common motherboard components, it appears that the top three Taiwanese companies are in the Asus segment. GB And the-MSI It plans to raise its prices in a targeted manner of supply and demand.

B460 board prices in local stores start at just over 300 shekels now, while board prices are Z490 Standing at 600 shekels or more – will this relationship change in a short time due to another global shortage?

The B460 and H410 chips are manufactured in an old 22nm process at Intel factories around the world, and the reason for the shortage appears to be there – while the Z490 chips for more advanced and expensive home motherboards rely on a newer 14nm production process with a healthy output (at least at this point) ). The rise in prices for popular and affordable motherboards would be bad news for us consumers of course, but also maybe for Intel itself, which has managed to maintain adequate availability of Comet Lake models in stores while the Ryzen 5000 generation competitors. AMD It suffers from significant availability challenges from the very first moment that marketing begins.

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Intel Corporation Plans to host media events on January 11 and 12 as part of the CES digital edition – where we may get more concrete details about the processors Rocket Lake Plates that will accompany them, including availability dates, are designated as gifts

Could these problems be related to the next-generation launch plans? According to the updated evidence Intel Corporation It will present its new generation of chips and motherboards, with the Z590 at the front (but also the B560 and H510 joining with a slight delay), at CES 2021 that will start in just over a week – even before the announcement of a generation of Rocket Lake processors. generationNucleus The 11 will be based on the same LGA1200 chip available for the next generation Comet Lake processorsNucleus On Day 10, some motherboard vendors announced that their current products will support next-generation models – but new capabilities such as PCI-Express 4.0 compatibility and built-in support for the USB 3.2 Gen2x2 standard (plus possible support for USB 4 andlightning strike 4) Can act as a catalyst for generational segregation.

There is also Pictures Brand new generation chipset leak, courtesy of – more evidence of rapidly changing generations

Intel wants consumers to buy my processors Rocket Lake Enjoy its full capabilities and technologies and thus may push for the fastest possible depletion of stock of 400-generation motherboards before the 500th generation is announced and launched. We hope to receive more information and be smarter soon – we expect more updates soon.

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