American athletes have triumphed over Donald Trump

W.He once wanted to know who would be the next president of the United States who had to go to football. The “Redskin Rule” has been held 17 times, from 1936 to 2000: if the Washington Redskins side wins their last home game before the election, the incumbent or his party wins. If they lose, the opponent moves to the White House.

The Redskins are now called the Washington Football League, and in late October they defeated the Dallas Cowboys 25-3 in their last home game before the election. Will Oracle be resurrected with a name change? The vote count became a marathon. Donald Trump wanted to tweet about a fast race. He has always described his concept of sportsmanship (in golf): the cheating leader, the master cheater.

Even in election week, the president lacked: presidential dignity. And the grandeur demonstrated by athletes like LeBron James, Race Imboden and many others, over and over again as they protested against Trump and his policy for years. Trump has developed a generation of athletes who understand their role in society differently. You are victorious over this president.

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