The graphic designer, who mocked the bank statement, says Princess Diana has ended my career

The graphic designer, who mocked the bank statement, says Princess Diana has ended my career

Good Morning Britain spoke to Matt Weissler, a graphic designer who said he has been blacklisted by the BBC for speaking about Princess Diana’s panoramic documentary.

Matt told hosts Pierce Morgan and Susanna Reed that he felt guilty for not realizing that the fake bank statements he was mocking for a prop for the show would in fact be shown to Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer.

The document alleged that Diana’s employees were being paid by other companies including News International, adding to the paranoia he reported and encouraging her to conduct a 1995 interview with Martin Bashir to publish her story in case something happened to her.

Pearce asked Matt if he felt any responsibility for the chain of events that led to Diana’s death

The amazing documentary was the place where Diana revealed Prince Charles’ betrayal and said it was unfit to be king, and was watched by 23 million viewers.

Martin did not respond to comment on the allegations, after the BBC confirmed that he was suffering from long-term complications due to Covid.

Graphic designer Matt wants an apology to the BBC and says the rigging really ended his career.

Matt Weissler says he has been blacklisted by the BBC and feels guilty for not realizing what Martin Bashir asked him to do.

“[Martin] They said they would be used as copies, I was only making props for filming purposes, ”Matt said.

“When I did Review of The Year, the producer explained to me that although they liked the presentation we gave them and the concepts for that program, they were told they shouldn’t work with us.

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“It was the first time that I noticed a decree stating that I could not work with the BBC anymore.

A new documentary about the 1995 Panorama interview of Princess Diana claims she was tricked by “fake documents” on the BBC into believing her employees were double agents.

“In the evening, I gave the bank statements, Martin sat with me and I worked with him on many programs, and I thought he was very professional and very good at his job.

“He said, ‘Look, I really need two bank statements I’ve seen watching, people being paid to watch someone.

He never mentioned names, kept a notebook and kept all his information to himself.

“He wouldn’t put pen to paper, he insisted that I did all the work of creating it.”

Diana revealed her and Charles’ extramarital affairs, saying he was inappropriate to be a king

Pierce asked Matt how he felt in the interview that prompted Diana to leave the royal family, and he lost the security protections that may have prevented her death.

Matt replied, “It made me feel guilty that I was so dedicated to doing something and that I wasn’t picking up any signs of anything wrong in particular at the time.

“It feels like you have a hand in something that ends up frighteningly, running through my mind all the time.

“Why didn’t I question it?” The night I questioned a company on the bill, I saw a name that had been used on a previous Panorama program, one of the names I had to invent.

I questioned Martin and he said, ‘No no, that’s good, that’s right.’

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“I thought he was never wrong.”

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