Australia ace Jackson Irvine is St. Pauli’s powerhouse

It was the first appearance you could walk around in. In his 11-game debut for FC St. Pauli, Jackson Irvine was not only the strongest player in his team with a length of 11.86 km, but the 28-year-old had a lot of effort in terms of football and physics. Anyway, Irvine collected a lot of extra points from the fans who attended the 4-1 win over Ingolstadt. With his coach too.

Towards the end of the game, some people felt that their battery was slowly running into reserve. Meanwhile, Timo Schultz explained, “He played alongside me and he exploded for a moment. But I think he has a very good ability to regenerate.” “But we wanted to give him that to play more than 90 minutes. He also needs intense competition, strength.” The fact that he has A healthy tank in this respect would not survive his opponents in Ingolstadt.

Schultz, St Pauli coach happy with ‘completely different types of players’

“He’s of course a completely different kind of player than the gamblers we usually have in the middle who want the ball on the foot,” Schultz explained. “He’s someone who gets there in a duel, is very present in the air and still provides a clear view ahead of the day when you feel like it’s going to be dangerous.”

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All in all, “It’s a great combination.” Although this does not really surprise the Hamburg coach. “He is an Australian national player and already has various positions in Europe.” Irvin having a basic nature with a certain core quality and “playing on a team like this” is no surprise to Schultz, but he should be pleased with the level of competition in the Diamond midfield has now arrived.

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Even Finn Ole Becker, whose failure Irvine had benefited from against Ingolstadt, was no longer sure of his case.

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