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Netstone Stick Pepper announced today (26) that “Love and the Producer” has launched a new strange topic “Feast of Feast” SSR fetters. Additionally, to see it officially debut in Live 2D, the contents of Fetters sublimation, 24Hour Challenge, Main Chapters, etc. have also been comprehensively improved to enhance the gameplay experience.

Feast / Banquet SSRThe shackles were released for a limited time

SSR Shackles Feast: Bai Chi. Moonlight passes by.Photo: Net Stone Pepper / Presenter

A strange new feast, SSR bond has been launched for a limited time. Players will be able to collect Bonds Limited “Zhou Qiluo · Sunny Love Song”, “Li Zeyan. The Tide of Quicksand”, “White Up. Moonlight Transit” and “Xu Mo. Silent Night”. Players who purchase the Sheepskin Map Parts will increase the chance of obtaining this Limited SSR Bond, and can also use the Sheepskin Map Parts to redeem the Hot Limited Bond Feast at the Wishing Tree Store.

This time, the wish list system was launched simultaneously, and as long as the number of desires reached the set stage, players could get a variety of rewards such as exclusive costumes for the feast and hot events. After the celebrations are over, the remaining sheepskin map portions will be converted into Heart Blossom Flowers in a 1: 1 ratio and handed over to players.

Limited release “Li Zeyan. Sensual Torrent” and “Xu Mo. The Best of Flowering Season”

Between now and June 4th, players will have the opportunity to claim the SSR Limited “Li Zeyan. Sensual Torrent” and SR “Xu Mo. The End of Flowering Period”. Watch the story with Li Zeyan and Xu Mo. After the event, they will not understand the path of fetters.

Shackles are raised and upgraded, and clothes are taken for free

Exclusive outfit, sound, and background rewards have been modified to use the unlock time coupon upon visiting it live. Corresponding Talent Rewards in Bond Ascension will be changed to light up for a specified number of Time Slot Coupons. Players who have illuminated their talents and received exclusive outfits, sounds and bonuses will also automatically receive the corresponding Redemption unlock vouchers. Additionally, players can consume diamonds to reset the sublimation state of any bond with a single click.

The mainline separation level has also undergone a series of adjustments, including the introduction of new chapters, which players can check before choosing a chapter. The story play also features a new acceleration option, which can freely switch between double or twice the speed. Fast clearance has been modified from 5 original replays to 10 single-button replays. Plus, by tapping the screen while shooting, you can skip the animation stage and complete the level faster.

Go see himbrand newLive 2D Debut in the system

Go see his new Live 2D debut Image: Net Stone Pepper / Presenter

Go see his new Live 2D debut Image: Net Stone Pepper / Presenter

Players can log in to the game and get the live 2D dynamic version of the initial costumes for all characters for free. Tapping, dragging and touching the screen will trigger various actions and reactions. In addition to that, 2D dynamic clothes can also be set on the main interface. In addition to the initial costumes, two sets of 2D Christmas costumes designed by Li Zeyan and Zhou Qiluo will also be shelved simultaneously.

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Upgrade your gaming experience Improve overall system

A dynamic background of dusk and night added to Flowing Cloud Terrace. Photo: Net Stone Pepper / Presenter

A dynamic background of dusk and night added to Flowing Cloud Terrace. Photo: Net Stone Pepper / Presenter

The memory maze system has a new main screen entrance, the destiny dice used to open the memory maze activity is also on the shelf in the box office store, and players can redeem it once a month. Additionally, an offer ratio has been added to the popular guest bonus in a box office battle, allowing players to check it more quickly. After improving the 24h challenge, you can pass more levels quickly with one click based on the week high. Liuyun Terrace also adds two dynamic wallpapers at dusk and night, which will automatically change over time.

A new chapter intro has been added to the mainline chapter level, and players can check it before choosing a chapter. The story game also has a new acceleration option, and players can freely switch between x1 and x2 times. Regarding the fast clearance, from the original five captures, you can set it to 10 re-captures with one click. Tap the screen during filming to skip the animation stage and complete the customs faster.

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